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One A 1.55 23 years Now on this Thursday morning, and here comes Zeta to the Garden state, the remnants. Of this hurricane pushing into New Jersey this morning. Rain will intensify be steady and heavy throughout the day. And rain should break up a bit tonight, but one more round a soaking rain tomorrow morning. And then what is the weekend hold? Will Dan will have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. Zeta has caused havoc along the coast Officials made a repeated call for residents stay inside after the storm passed and not go outside in Louisiana to assess the damage. One person died in New Orleans, electrocuted in the Mississippi City of Waveland officials are expecting to see a lot of damage where the sun comes up. Louisiana's governor, John Bell, Edwards, expected tour coastal regions hardest hit. By that storm today. A sure sign of winter takes place this Sunday with clocks being turned back an hour is daylight saving time comes to an end until March. Well, you'll get back an hour. You'll also have a darker afternoon commute. Just one of the reasons why state Senator Shirley Turner Sponsoring legislation to make daylight saving time permanent in New Jersey. It's dark at five o'clock, and at that time people want to go home. They're not going to be out shopping or doing recreational kinds of activity, Turner says. If for bill were to be signed into law and change today, like saving Time would also need Congressional approval. Some quirky questions have arisen as New Jersey conducts this election largely by mail, one of the latest Can I take my ballot close? The short answer is yes, but it is not recommended. Spokesman for the secretary of state, told NJ dot com. There is no rule against using tape to see only the inner.

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