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Rafael devers now you get them for a full season he didn't have them for a full season last year i think benintendi could actually get better but benintendi has the same issues you have with aaron judge what can you do in your number two but here's the bottom line with the red sox have plenty of questions about this rotation we laid them out i think they're going to school more runs i think they missed that guy in the middle of the order and it's not hanley ramirez at this point is career but they missed that guy in the middle of the order who could hit forty five home runs who could forty home runs and j these capable of that but here's the thing that jd martinez is facing in similar ways to giancarlo stanton a lot of pressure no offense jd this ain't zone anymore is a whole new ballgame but i look at these two teams i think this is gonna be a great race and i think there's a great chance we're going to get something that we have not seen yet in this new double wildcard era and i'm rooting for it and i said the damage to predict the why the heck not an old fashioned with a new twist one game playoff between these teams i think it's going to be that close of a race and look there's going to be things that happen along the way that we don't see common there's gonna be injuries we don't see common there's gonna be performances we don't see common and that's why all of us trying to sit here and make predictions we have no idea but i feel like this konak it reeks of a flashback the yankees and red sox battling hopefully they start to hate each other because there's no hatred right now i look at yankee fans is i asked ernie about mukhi bats i don't see hatred i see respect your spec mookie mookie betts you don't hate him yet mook is a good guy he's a good guy now.

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