President Trump, CBS, Murphy discussed on Mark Levin


Why don't you look line? Same reason you probably look stupid meat. Murphy selfish casting. She's not your average hut. Messing blacking out would be a little easier when you're blind executive producer, Ben Stiller wilder Murphy, kind of a loner to school people are in the dark, don't miss the new series after an all new supernatural tonight, on the w San Diego. I see. AM seven sixteen TM. CBS news update. President Trump did as he said he would see announced a new immigration plan, providing sharp contrast with Democrats. He says, instead of family based policy, he wants workers who speak English and can pass a civics exam. You will get more points for being a younger worker, meaning you will contribute more to our social safety net. The Texas democratic rep Sheila jackson-lee speaking with family separated by deportation. Attacked the plan from Mr. Trump. I think you've missed something I think you need to expand your table, and your table needs to include all of these hard working individuals who've been working those who've come trying to just stay alive. The president says he'll stop illegal border crossing with what he calls the most complete and effective border security package ever assembled. The plan includes a proposal to allow public donations to pay for the president's border wall. CBS news update and Allison keys. A long sentence. I'm Ed MacKay. That's one of the stories we're following AM seven sixty one goes, the next guy who arrived, the.

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