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Haven't help the problem right. We've made the problem worse because we haven't stood up and supported trump for me. It's about the policies. And i've always been very open and vocal on policy and i will continue to be pro-life policy. You know in conservative values. I just felt like in two thousand and twenty. I had i had the ability to not have to show up so for me. It was principal and it would have been a struggle for me to to go out there. And say i love donald trump. I love everything. Donald trump chance because the reality is. I agree with the policies but i don't love many of the things that donald trump as a person stands for and i i would agree with that. Everyone on this podcast knows how i feel about it. And i even have some people who have told me that you know i am the reason or i'm part of the reason why donald trump lost. Because there's i so often caveat him with you know. i love that. He did this. I am going to vote for him. I did vote for him. Two thousand and sixteen and twenty twenty based on the reasons that you just said. And so you and i both have the same kind of reasoning in the same kind of logic and feelings about trump i ultimately ultimately voted for him both times based on those policies that that we agree with but i very often offer the same kind of qualifications in caveat that you do that look. I don't like when trump says this. I don't like trump does this. I don't like this part about his character. I don't like when he did this or that tip a critical or that's not conservative or something like that in unfortunately a do a lot of people on the right end the left when it comes to their respective candidates really do want total puritanical support of their guy of their champion and they think any kind of coloring outside of those lines means that you want the destruction of america or you want the failure of that candidate or you precipitated. The failure of the candidate. And that's just not true..

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