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Say happy New Year for weeks after New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, I've never really been in the habit of doing that. I think you know, happy. New Year is kind of reserved for a new year's day. Maybe you know a couple of days that you haven't seen somebody in the West. Happy New Year kind of a little pleasantry throw out there and all this So so happy New Year happy new that since we have not convened since the official New year And now it's 2021. Which is good, because it's not 2020. I'm I'm not sure that 2021 is shaping up to be a lot better. But we can hope because we're Americans, after all, and that's what we do. We hope we believe we worked for a better future. Not the left. Of course they burned. They loot. They attack they destroy. They accused a polarized their the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the House again and s. Oh, nothing changes there. Eric Swalwell, who was you know off number one boom boom with that Chinese spy that shin Chinese by woman, the honeypot that the Chinese, said the government center. Cultivate and have you know he was the city councilman when the Chinese spy started grooming and cultivating the Manchurian Candidate, Swalwell Eric Swalwell. And he remains on the on the side of the Angels with the American media with the Communist Chinese with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats on Capitol Hill, because there is no sin, no crime they can commit that will not Leave them in good stead with the Democrat Party and the media. But I repeat myself. Adam Shiftless, of course, is still in good Stead and Nancy Pelosi, she was voted to No one's surprise. The news media is playing the role of this could be real close. No, no, there was never any doubt about Pelosi becoming the speaker of the house again on Oh, well, the squad is ago. Shut up yet, And I mean, just it's it's all entertainment. Our entire political system is a terrible television show. It's a bad Syriza's. It's It's awful, but we'll get into some of that stuff. Tomorrow is the big the double Senate runoff election in the state of Georgia, which will determine control of the United States Senate in what will presumably be a Biden administration. I want has anybody, Michael, I don't know if anybody started this yet. Impeach 46. IMPEACH 46 ALSO Biden Every time you have President Biden or Biden 46. There should be an asterisk. There has got to be an asterisk next to Joe Biden on Wednesday. Of course, there will be a challenge to the vote of the Electoral College in both houses of Congress. And the news media was who reading? What was that? A CBS News piece this morning, calling it unprecedented. Unprecedented hasn't happened since Trump was elected, so it's on and then before that it hadn't happened since George W. Bush was elected when the count of the Electoral College was challenged by Democrats and the Congress. And it wasn't unprecedented in the media thought it was wonderful. And, gosh, look at our great constitution playing out in front of us, and they thought I was just a wonderful thing. Now it's happening with lunch bucket Joe, and it's a horrible It's It's fascism. It's traitorous. It's treasonous. It's a bloodless coup. It's It's all this stuff. Because the Democrats and the media but I repeat myself again are spectacularly corrupt, dishonest people, Their brains are not wired properly. It's an amazing thing to see. We remain, of course at 88863096258886309625. And, um, what is it this all this stuff? All this ridiculous stuff, the democrats and their gender confusion. Amen. A women. Um, pandering never stops. No matter where you go forget about God they've got they've got pandering to do. And, of course, President Trump had a phone call with Brad Rapids Burger, a traitorous judge what treason is traitorous Democrats? Well, he's a Republican. An anti trump Republican. So he's in good with the media, and they had a phone call. And apparently Brad Raffarin's Burger, the elected Democrats secretary of state. Excuse me, Republican secretary of State in Georgia recorded the conversation. I'm not sure if that's illegal or not, it is at a bare minimum, unscrupulous and unethical. At a bare minimum, unscrupulous and on ethical and it appears all the giant neon flashing arrows point at fake Republican Brad wraps and Burger Secretary of state in Georgia as the culprit here, recording the conversation with the president. Now I used to be in the news business, you know, And then I got better and there is a thing. I'm not sure what the law is in Georgia. But there are laws when it comes to recording telephone conversations without the knowledge of everyone on the call, or the other person or persons on the coal that one party consent and two party consent states and jurisdictions. And Washington, D. C is one jurisdiction in play here. Georgia is the other jurisdiction and play and it may very well be illegal to record without both parties, consenting To recording the telephone conversation. And then it appears that bread Ratzenberger again appearing to be the culprit here, a rhino, never trump, Republican secretary of state. Who really hasn't lifted a finger in the name of justice, Truth, justice and the American way in Georgia, and now he is proving himself to be a a sinister player. A culprit. A bad guy, a bad actor. And at a bare minimum again on scrupulous and unethical in recording this conversation with the president, United States And then turning it over to his political enemies at the Washington Post's owned by Dr Evil, the richest men in the world. It looks like a newspaper. But it's not. And that's their slogan at The Washington Post. It looks like a newspaper. But it's not. And they handed Thies Republicans in fake Republicans in Georgia that have not lifted a finger to do the right thing. Uh, possibly illegally and certainly on ethically recorded the conversation with President Trump. And then um, uh, very unethically vory unscrupulously handed the recording over to the Washington Post. Washington Post than that begins their role they unscrupulously and on ethically edit the audio of this telephone conversation between the president added states. White House chief of staff was on their clean to Mitchell, a great Washington attorney was also on the call..

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