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The weekend chief art Acevedo Monday went after the national rifle association and both senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz brag about every piece of legislation you care about start caring about cops children and women and every day gun violence and that will be the last thing I see this week because the rest of this week is going to be about Christopher Brewster and his sacrifice Brewster was gunned down by twenty five year old are true rose to lease a repeat domestic violence offender chief US of a doses of sergeant Brewster may still be alive if Congress reauthorized the violence against women act to keep guns out of the hands of people like so lease meantime there's a Mister Turner announcing that used in city hall and the mantras bridges over the southwest freeway will be lit up in blue for the next three nights in honor of surgeon Brewster all the latest bush to jump into Texas politics bush brands that a bush forty wanted nephew to bush forty three zero a big brothers big sisters Lone Star telling Katie our rates have been looking forward to representing the district which includes sugar land Pasadena and other suburban areas south of Houston seven and a half years I've served thousands of kids in fort bend Brazoria in Harris County and work with dedicated volunteers to test their time and energy in the lives of those kids and so I'm very familiar with the difference just one of the best districts in the country represents so much about eight in this country these bushes among several allow Republicans including fort bend county trolling nails this seeking office in the twenty second district well meanwhile time is running out to cast a ballot in Houston's mayoral run off former energy secretary a long time Texas governor Rick Perry was in studio with Katie arranges Michael berry on Monday morning urging his listeners to vote for Tony Basri whether it's a natural disaster whether.

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