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The Dow giving back six hundred sixty points, the big loser. On Wall Street today. Apple as there's concern. There's a slowing economy in China as they pulled back their expectations of iphone sales through the holiday season. Off by about ten percent. At one point today w w j news time eight forty five we're checking sports now. It's Michigan's basketball over our airwaves on the radio. Michigan left to right. Down one wall twenty two and a half bras. Davis of the right point between the circles for Davis left wing propor- takes into the free throw line. Dumps it off for Davis. Walston the finger up in the air and use a little awhile past the acres. The call right here. Newsradio nine fifty Ignace bras day kiss leading the scoring right now. Thirteen points for the number two wolverines out front by eleven sixty to forty nine three minutes. Thirty three seconds remaining in regulation out front. The Nittany lions of Penn State's pistons with a win last night in Memphis off until Saturday Red Wings hosting Nashville. Come tomorrow night. Good news today, though, Anthony mantha. He's been out for about a month because of a hand injury. He's been cleared to play possibly tomorrow night. NFL action returning this weekend. A pair of wild card games to tell you about as we get set for Super Bowl fifty three. That's coming up quick, folks. The AFC side of things colts and Texans kicking off at about four o'clock. Then it'll be the nightcap Seattle kicking off at Dallas today. It was Pete Carroll the Seahawks head coach talking about playing at that giant eighteen. And t stadium. It's real glitzy place. You know, when you come out of the out of the football locker room to play football, and you go into a nightclub. You know, it's kind of like when the club, you know. No, wait a minute. You know, you got to play ball. And then you come back to the club. Anyway, it's.

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