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The best auto any receiver in the league right now. Right. He rip him. It's hard to make an arc is hard to make REM. Now. The the Texans problem is they haven't solidified a run game with some which at some fun to watch outside of wash it at some point during the year. You're going to have to like I mean during the playoff you're going to have to get guys going on the ground. Now they've shown a propensity to do it at times. But it's going to have to be consistent especially in a game. When people say we not let Andre Hopkins beat us and we're gonna take away your best weapon. But but now we go to the other side of the ball JJ watt today cloudy, and but Najjar McKinney in the middle linebacker spot. It's but it's not. Xy to talk about the colts offense of line has been so damned especially the second half of the season. Can they protect Andrew luck? They ain't gonna particularly cloudy. Why then we have the night game Seahawks. Going in to Jerry's house to play against your Dallas. Cowboys the Seahawks finished the season very strong. Yeah. What do you see from this game? The Seahawks are jecklin high. That's what they've been all season long Santa Cowboys. Yeah. What they went on a run the Cowboys ripped off six straight to be in this position. With Russell Wilson. To me is the scariest player in the playoffs. Ooh. Big back a year ago a year ago when they went to Carolina Carolina are two years ago when Carolina went to the Super Bowl, and then they play Carolina in the first round. Or maybe may I think it was the first round. Russell wilson. Singing singlehandedly kept Seattle in that game and gave them opportunity to win it. That was a great Carolina. Now, I think there's also that Packers. Cowboys Cowboys playoff game. We're Aaron Rodgers is pulled up magic at the end. But Prescott ripped don't. Yeah. So here we go break in this game down. Seattle is running the ball. Really? Well, but you get a as the Dallas because he and office of land. Russell Wilson is playing great you give as to him at the quarterback position. Even though Dag is doing everything it takes to win numbers on Godley not putting up like prolific. But the winds are what matter he's been able to generate that they've gotten cold Beasley, going a little bit. Now that people are starting to figure out we gotta take Amari Cooper away from this offense in order for them for for us to have success..

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