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Reason that michael porter jr in in in completely different fashion completely different fashion from the andrei mike porzingis dad was a coach in the women's team at missouri very tight knit family very christian family very protected family and basically they wrapped him in a bubble so that he wasn't ever around the real world that's what happened trae young trae young was asked the dan patrick show via think of of any better shooters and he said maybe klay and steph like what who says these things and i i if you're downloading this podcast you're probably not that guy but you might be you might think leave your turn into get off my lawn guy no i'm not i'm telling you you walk into an nba locker room and you say that shit and they're gonna laugh in your face they just are they going to sit there and go okay well how come you shot twenty nine percent from three from february on well i team started losing you you guys are fallen and you can't get up i been a tray i was at trae young defender before he got to oklahoma but dude they went eighteen and fourteen go back and look at at what happened to his squad you know i mean hell even if you go from the new year on this is a great low exercise here right you go from january third january third to the end of the season do you wanna noticed that january third was his first game that's when he took i think thirty eight shots against oklahoma state if you look at trae young's numbers after february first his team won two games to both at home kansas state iowa state this is what he did over the last eleven games of the season he shot thirty six percent from the field twenty six percent from three point range twenty six percent he had seventy nine assists and fifty six turnovers like look i i liked trae young he was way better way earlier than anyone could have hoped but who has the balls to go on dan patrick show and say you know listen stephan claire the only two guys all my job as a shooter like i i want you want your kid to be confident you don't want your kids to be era that and even if it wasn't wasn't tongue planted firmly in even if you're just kind of living up to the moment like this what guys do they talk about themselves they brag about themselves the inability to relate to everyone else in the world and how everyone else is gonna take that is kind of what's missing trae young his dad ray young i played against him was a very good player texas tech and trae has been he's entire life has been kind molded for this destination that he could play in the nba that he could be a one and done and i guess they're right i like they didn't want him even go to kentucky because calbury wasn't sure he was a one and done and kansas wasn't sure you know they had devante graham they had of the players he would play but he probably wouldn't get the opportunity to put the numbers that he put up at ku and so i guess he's right and we're all wrong on the other hand we've created this system toe which guys aren't dealing with they're not doing with the realities of life like you're going to struggle it's going to be really really hard those of there's four hundred fifty players in the nba there's basically like three hundred and twentyfive nba players the rest are guys that got rotate around whatever call up called out to guys and anyway but even if it's four hundred four hundred fifty jobs they're all coming at you just like they all came out lonzo ball and look lonzo ball shot grape shot very good percentages in college terrible in the pros his team accomplished more than trae young's dead and his run wasn't easy the point is we've created this environment to which these guys have a completely unreal sense of who they are that's why let's get back to john rate do i think eight good yeah do i think he's a man child of course but i also realize tell me who the nba players the nba bodies he's going against our it is ben against boys if you're big you're gone there aren't big old big guys in college basketball that are good at all if you're any good your mobile at all you know there's.

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