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OUGHTA crecy. Guessing who has lived and worked in Moscow discusses what her time journalist in Putin's Russia has taught her about trump's America. Hot dominated you don't. You wish to. Jerk. Response to the uprising triggered by George Floyd's killing the president tells governors to dominate protesters. Trump is threatened to use the insurrection act of eighteen. Oh seven! He's called military forces to patrol Washington DC and he issued this ominous threat. When the looting starts, shooting starts. His administration used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear protesters for a photo op though they claim otherwise. For Staff Writer Masha Gessen. These actions are just more fodder to reinforce something that has seemed obvious to them for years. Masha new book called surviving autocracy. It's a series of essays making the case that the president thinks and acts not at all a democratic leader, but as an autocrat, a strong man for whom laws and norms are just hindrances to be ignored. The book was informed by the years that Masha spent as a journalist and Vladimir Putin's Russia. We spoke last week. Has Been Bizarre few days for me and my social newsfeed. I see posts from my friends in the states and my friends in Russia about their children getting arrested I, suppose from my friends in the states and my friends in Russia about journalist, getting arrested or beaten up at protests. And Sometimes I. Forget what which language I'm reading in. How do you see what's going on? Are these protests going to set out a kind of civil division that can be exploited by Donald Trump in an election, and in power in such a way that his autocratic a tendencies will deepen and deepen and get even more profound. And then I really try not to make predictions, but what I think we do know. Is that polarization and violence anti-anxiety? Or all things that benefit autocrat. And actually of all of those I think anxiety is perhaps the most important element. My favorite social psychologist Erik from has I think the best theory of how autocracies come to be. His famous book escape from freedom, which was published in nineteen forty eight. When he felt, the world was on the verge of catastrophe. And it seems he was right. But his his theory is that there are times when a critical mass of people is experiencing such extreme anxiety. About how to invent themselves about not knowing who they are or what the future will be like it and that kind of anxieties..

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