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Where we're headed in states like California, where if this same law firm or others like them start to bring these kinds of lawsuits against other companies, then they might have to carry those warning signals at all. And as I said to you a criminal at appears in lots of things that we cook. It's just for some reason Dave decided to attack coffee. I know some cynics will say that's because they are looking for a quick payday or perhaps a settlement or or a way out of this. But this kind of law leaves a lot of gray area where yes almost everything could eventually be labeled as causing cancer. I think we should sit down with every two year old and set them down and say life causes death. Exactly. There's a great. There's a great, quote an article I read where somebody said well since living cells are much more likely to get cancer than dead cells. Exactly what you're saying life causes cancer. That's what we're getting the sun causes cancer. That doesn't mean that we should never go outside. It means that we need to be reasonable about what we're doing. There's really almost no evidence that that the criminalizing coffee. Or at anything else? The reading is near the quantities that will be dangerous and continuing to make us always afraid of food is not doing anyone any good. Well, it seems on one hand you look at the USDA fifty. It's you could argue that they they let big agriculture does things we don't like on the other hand you have the opposite effect, which is the slightest tinge of chemical that occurs naturally when you he carbohydrates over two hundred fifty degrees. We have to put a warning label on on your your Dunkin donuts is there no middle ground in this country. That's the thing is I would actually call the middle ground. Even I I mean, there are some substances that even processed food companies add to the food that they are selling which arguably is not necessarily maybe as potentially dangerous in huge amounts. But all of the evidence shows us that safe and people th-, right or wrong. We'll pick it against that. But in this case were arguing about something that occurs naturally when we cook. And just because it's being cooked in a coffee roaster versus. I'm roasting. The coffee at home doesn't mean that it needs a warning label at some. Point. We're going too far in what we're worrying about is inside the food. We're eating I have never heard you this exercise, you're gonna you need to take him because that was really eating to get back and vacation just to talk about this dodge, Aaron Carol. That's the latest update on warning labels on cups of coffee. Thank you. Thank you. Doctor Erin, Carol professor pediatrics at Indiana University school of medicine also frequent contributor to the New York Times of shock coming. Dr Aaron Carroll likes to punch conventional wisdom in the face or put another way he likes to simply look at the facts. It turns out that the latest scare caulking cancer. Is yet another example of cherry picking medical? Studies would seem that the facts don't matter when it comes to the truth about wine coffee sugar, fat, margarine and many other ingredients. So instead of pin bowling from one scare to the other. Maybe we should sit back and take the time to simply enjoy our food, and that's not going to.

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