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Hillsdale college faith and learning are integrated in pursuit of a common end and I've been talking a lot about four pillars of the Hillsdale college mission learning character faith and freedom today I'd like to focus on faith as the founders of our nation do god is indeed the first authority and the motive toward which all learning moves Hillsdale understands that we come to really know things through reason and faith and their students are taught to pursue truth through both founded in eighteen forty four by Christians students of all faiths are welcome at Hillsdale college and always have been how does the college teach the essentials of the Christian faith and religion all students must take a course the western theological tradition as part of hills does rigorous core curriculum the college also offers majors in religion philosophy and religion and Christian studies kills those campuses a welcoming place and which to discuss and practice faith respectful dialogue among Christians of different denominations and with students of non Christian faiths it's just one hallmark of the stellar college now to learn more visit Levine for Hillsdale dot com that's L. E. V. I. N. for Hillsdale dot com Livin for Hillsdale dot com as we honor the memory of fallen heroes who sacrificed everything for their country we'd like to also honor all of our health care first responders and frontline workers who gave their lives to keep the country chugging along the nurses to leave their homes in the morning we are your first line of defense this Memorial Day weekend we remember all of you talk about extraordinary individuals news radio one thousand Katie okay this corona thing got me all screwed up are we ever.

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