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Art scoring less than four. So he said, okay. What's going on with the hitting? What's going on? Hitting coaches. It's an issue. Okay. When Brandon belt misses the amount of games that he missed last year is that coaching when Joe panic hits the way he hits. He look he came in. He came in in good shape. This year, obviously wasn't in as good a shape when Brandon Crawford has a knee injury. That didn't bitch and moan about when Evan longoria had a hand injury last year. And when he was playing he just wasn't very good. He's getting older BUSTER Posey's. Look the hip took all his power away. He had five home runs last year. Five is that is that a is that a hitting coach? No, I mean look at the outfield last year. We're where the talent. There was no talent. You look coaches are as good as the talent. I don't care. What sport we're talking about? Why do you think the Phil Jackson only took jobs with Michael Jordan and shack and Coby because he's a good coach? But he's not that good. Steve Kerr of survived in New York, if he had taken the Knicks job or would it be fired then survive in New York on Steve Kerr would have been fired by the Knicks under your as good as the? The talent you have agreed one hundred percent. I can't I can't quibble with you on that one hundred percent. That's exactly what it is people were complaining about the coaches. It's it's not Powell shoe, Kurt young. It's not any of those cats is just the fact the fact of the matter is the giants don't have. All right. We'll talk to Jeremy Affeldt in a few minutes. But Tolbert and Lund with our good friends. You're on kmby San Francisco chaos in HD, two semetel, the sports leader. We'll do some traffic. And then we'll look no, oh, we got Jeremy right now, we have an open for. Oh, not this week though. Okay. All right. Jeremy Joe Terry joins us, courtesy of the omega said, how are you? I was doing good until you you're gonna do a traffic report. Traffic report. I don't know what I'm doing. What are you doing? I'm sitting on my back porch. Looking at my kangaroo trying to get in a boxing match. What you have a is. It a kangaroo have a pet kangaroo. Yeah. The red kangaroo and he gets close to catch up to him. He jumps back on his tail and he starts dancing around. Like he wants to box me out. If I want to take that on. And if I do I need it probably have a video how big is he because I see those kangaroos get super Jackson the upper body. That's the rate gangrene until I got he's he's not that old yet. But he's getting more getting stronger Sharif probably close to. April told now, but I actually did take care of his own. So. So, you know. Got away from him. You know, I had to drop him off. So I had to say sorry. You know? Happen. But but I did kind of eliminate some of those muscles. Hopefully, we'll see this is the did you have the kangaroo last year. And we talked to your I guess, you must've been okay? So this is new. So the parodied gone. Aw. That took a ton of material from us. I know. You don't understand like it got to a point where he was like. Selling a car alarm at six AM morning. My okay, I'm not gonna deal with that. And then the greatest thing ever happened to me because I was like how many dirt and it's finally bit my wife, and I was like I looked at her. And she looked at it. And I was like, please. That's it. You guys are always at odds on it. But once he bites her, that's it. Again. I know she's like he bit me. I'm like, well, here's the eight scars on my fingers. They bit me. So glad he got you want. But that was it though. And then the next thing, I know I have I get told that to come into the living room by my son, and I walk into the living room, and my wife has his bag and there's something moving in it. And I'm like what is that? And she's like, well, I thought it surprised the boys and me I me, and my part of the I'm a boy, I guess, it's probably a boy. And I thought it was a dog my dog, and she opened a singer this kangaroo came jumping out air data. How would one go about acquiring a kangaroo as I've never heard of that before? Yeah. You'll want to send a short did. So if I want to draft, I can have that understood understood. But but but the king jumps out at just staring at it. And she walks over to me, and she's already mad and like, I'm not mad. I just don't know. What to do it? We didn't do it. She's like oh. So just hops. Right. Our backyard. So they just around. I mean, kids play basketball, and he stands there looks at it. And what's his name might have got to it? You know, it's gonna shock you. His name is Joey Joey the kangaroo. Yeah. I love it. Yeah. We we tried. We we real creative when Gilly, but you know, the dogs. They kinda still think is a two toy. Battery operated toys, so I'm not really sure he's kind of a little bit spooked by the dogs. I let the dogs out the back. They haven't quite figured it out yet. But he's getting big enough. Now where he's gonna probably start fight back and he can outright. He actually can out hop the dogs. He's he's pretty quick and. It's quite interesting deal. Got cars pulling up slowing down. Basically, it feels like Scuds zoo Rancho. Yeah. People you know, just watching it from two colts, by the way. Mic drop jazz, but added more horses. I love that. I love that you named the kangaroo, Joey, John if you didn't know Joey is a junior. Kangaroo. That's what that's what it is. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. So you clearly did not get creative at all. You just called it. What it is. Absolutely. Not. I don't. Yeah. It's like I I like Joey like, yeah. Joey. Okay. That's awesome. So will you recap so minus the we just got to keep up on your roster? You're like your you move around like far does giants players. So so the parrot is has been DFM is delayed and the the the kangaroo is in. I don't know how many dogs there are gonna be at least a few. You got you got cool because we've got to we've got two dogs are gone. But we we're down to. Yup. Yup. Yup. Dogs. What else was around there? He's said a couple of added. We have. Yeah. We've added to baby horses, and I just all of our dotes decided to drop seventeen babies in the Latin. In the matter of. I mean, there's got crazy like in January February, and it was in that maybe. Yeah, Jan February. And it wasn't a matter of like a week. They all started dropping them. And then my my residential goats that goes at like little callers on the ones that are not supposed to be near the Billy. I don't know how this happened. But I'm looking out my window and one of my residents go to give birth like on this. Do you have like a petting zoo starting kit. I was like it wasn't even around the Billy. Joel goes getting pregnant that aren't even around a Billy goat. I mean what immaculate conception? Yeah. Like all these little goats stuck in this little area. Student is great. Slow down. Boys got to be loving it though. Like if I'm a kid. I'm a boy, this is awesome. Amazing. Yeah. Tell their bare feet. I caught my middle running around the goaltenders there fi. I'm like, what are you doing? He's like chasing a goat. So Mike table Harvard. Mike. Oh, yeah. We are these these goats it's not cleaning their runner is black seat unlikely. Just like full poop. You know? You're just like, oh, man. I mean, these kids are just they just crazy. But it's crazy, man. It's a it's a fun deal. But we are eliminating animal we go in and and and we're gonna be selling goats here. So it'd be good. We have to raise them up. I it's it's crazy economical. All right, good. We're caught up on that. I'm sure when Tommy comes back we're gonna need to recap on that next week. But okay, we're caught up for now. All right opening day. Everybody overreacts and opening day. Bumgarner was great the offense as it has the last couple of years struggled. What was your what was your take on everything yesterday? Well, I mean, bum bum is pretty awesome. And then you saw what he did. They get a couple of runs. Homer and in and he did what he needed to do. You know, seven innings, you know, whatever was up two runs. I mean, he did really well the offense. That was always the question Mark going into the season. It was a you. Don't know I come at the end of camp. I kinda wanted to go in at the NFC camp on purpose because I'd like to see what the team has. And so I saw some of the guys and it was a question Mark to me. I think the outfield is going to be a little bit interesting. And they got it. They, you know. And and and what does analytical approach. Dreaming yet? So I, you know, I I know that they you know, they they got some guys coming in. And then after the day before the season starts, you bring it all these guys and put them on the team, you know. So it's gonna take a little bit of an adjustment in guys getting comfortable, but they are going to they are kinda was the standards giants team. A of of you know, very few runs and obviously no runs yesterday. But like I said, that's how it was when we were all there too. But it was a different game. You know, we want to to one we didn't lose to nothing, you know. And and I think that in this game here, it's gotta be more offense. And you're just gonna have to go find it. They've got to go find some guys that can launch the ball and do it with one of the bat. And and and they they have to find that. But it got to be a question Mark for them this year, and it's gonna be doubt will be the decision on whether they compete or not compete. I don't think the pitching's an issue last year. I was kinda you know, I didn't know, but I felt like the Bill. What I've seen in the bullpen. Even a young guys. Got some great stuff. You got some good leadership in the ball in the rotation. And if they looked healthy smarts. It looked healthier disagreeing. Which is a positive thing. And and you've got some guys backing in Pomeranz is probably gonna add some pretty good value to that situations..

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