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Is ridiculous. How much time and effort put into that one but that was the hardest chatter. Wanted to be the best chapter in the book too. And i actually sent the families. All their parts of the deceased families sent all their parts of their children in there Just because like the angel found is guest in so i really wanted them to be. Okay say about their child in there until the all approved Really happy. I wanted to. Aren't those people. And i gather part of my family. And they were my family and they still are mckinley today. So is when. I used to have that support of them into say's okay. If i can do that so that was definitely something that i wanted to make. Sure it was respectful of them in air person that they lost life now immediately after the crash. You're in a hospital bed. You've got serious injury. How soon do you know it's as bad as it is. And how soon do you know that. Not just across canada but virtually the world people are talking about this crash in a about. Does that have passed those that had survived. Like how quickly does that sorta come to your conscious thought. Identify three different circumstances where So first time was being told about it that they're sixteen pass away and there is like i don't remember the first word as after the crash and then the fifth day i remember like portion of back gay and it was when i got told nashville gut from as inputs magnesia called whereas still a talking to people in so conversing by don't remember that at all is completely away from my mind so i will go up as togo this near kind. Vote dana dana In the bus crash all this had no clue about it and so then quickly go to physio. I run grapple that whole situation. Even obama injuries either winter physio Is my first video session. As i only know what. I'm doing here. Women injured with but here and let students exercises as came back to my bed after physio still jam packed with people after people and at the time i i got to elected social media still believe it and assad announced like i humble hamill strong there's tweets or. She opened their sticks out at whole my whole instagram twitter feeders full and then illinois believe it so i came back again and it was late at night in erin finally left In my bedroom. And i looked around saw grayson carmen derek pattern in the room. They're mateen's as well. And i i was like what was going on. Like this can't be real Except as in denial stage for a while and then finally. I accepted that night. I went to text my roommate. Steven jack and as has attack saw As sand and i thought well he's not receive this the now is like really when it clicked in like how big the impact this was..

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