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To be great for the next couple of days here means so. Get out. Enjoy the beautiful weather. I know this What week is this? Now? This is like week 15 18 of this. It's better now You can go out a little thing. I mean to live out in the suburbs, restaurants look nice outside, you can go into stores. If you're right in the city. You can eat outside if you don't mind sitting in the street with a garbage truck next year, but it's still something And everything is getting a little better. Lot of people leave in New York. We'll get to that in a moment. Hey, we urge everybody to go out today when you go to the supermarket by some Goya products, G O y a Goya, This poor company, this good statue of the great companies in America, Goya. The president. I guess he's the wouldn't be the founder. He's I guess. He's the son of the grandson of the founder, but it's a great company. He was at the Obama White House, and he praised President Obama. And then Obama got up and made a speech about what a great company Goya is How wonderful Goya is one of the great American success stories. We should all be proud of Goya. And when Obama made that speech, the Democrats cheered. Well, this same guy gets invited back to the White House, and he did what he did. Last time he got up and he said wonderful things about the president. What you gonna do? Who wouldn't? You're there at the White House. The president is giving you an award. You going off course say we're so lucky to have such a great president. Very gracious comments from the president of Goya, the chairman. And then AOC starts up immediately. Online round Twitter tweeting away. We gotta boycott Got joy Bike Boycott Goya. It's re absolutely ridiculous. Now you could counter you could say, Well, Ted Cruz and a couple of us wanted to boycott Nike when they were mad at that company. Okay, well, that's fair, but This is ridiculous. This guy I mean, the argument against Nike was what's his name there disrespecting the flag. In this case, it was just the guys at the White House says Nice things about the president's nothing wrong with that. But to boycott a company this AOC to try to destroy an American company. You've got to remember many, many thousands of people work there. They feed their families through working for Goya. People's lives depend on this this job in this income, so to try to destroy that, because the guy doesn't like the same football team you like or or the same presidential candidate that you like. That's absolutely ridiculous. If you found out he was a Red Sox fan, which you try to destroy his business. Of course not. So you're finally trump fan got to destroy his business. Absolutely ridiculous. So go buy some Goya products today. Friday. I went to the supermarket. And I bought all these cans of Goya stuff. Not that I own a can opener. I don't think I've ever I think the last time I actually cooked anything was I think I was 16 years old, but by him and ah, religious look nice. Actually, I you know, I don't think I've ever had any Goya stuff. No, maybe I have. But everybody says it's the best can stuff delicious beans, The rice phenomenal. Everybody loves going so support that company. Now we'll see what happens. We'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Steve Koya sales are up or down. You have to see which side was the most passionate about this. So I guess if you see Joe Biden will be yelling at you. If you buy go, you're not Latino. Crazy. Joe Biden still in hiding? He came out. You noticed. This is like a Hillary campaign. Remember when they would drag her out for one thing? On Thursday. They brought by not for this one speech. You notice whenever they would do that Same thing with Hillary. But then you don't see him for three weeks takes three weeks to recuperate from the 1 10 minute speech. Hey, you know everybody yelling about this Roger Stone commutation. He wasn't pardoned. President did not pardon him didn't take away the conviction. The president left him a convicted felon. Remember he was on the show Friday and he said he was realistic, he said. That's what he thought the president should do. He wants actually. To have that conviction. He would like a TTE some point to go to court. Appeals court. Get a better judge get a fair judge this time and that got the conviction that way. It's gone rather than just a pardon. But you know everybody yelling about that. Why isn't Roger Stone in jail? Couple people pointed out over the weekend. The Biden family. You know, it's like the Kennedy family. You know, many Biden relatives have been arrested for drugs, drunk driving all sorts of crimes. This Biden family has many, many, many relatives in the Biden family. Keep getting arrested all the time. Nobody has ever been convicted of going to jail. Is that just a massive coincidence? It's in multiple states. It's all over the place. Obviously old Joe Biden picks up the phone and get him off the hook. So I don't hear anybody complaining about that stuff. You know, The other part of this is going to just get crazier and crazier as we head towards November. You know, Sometimes you get tested in life. Sometimes you go through a rough patch. Er, sometimes you go through a difficult period. Well, uh as 2020 remember New Year's Eve? A 2020 looks like it may be a great year was going to be a fun year. Remember of February we was just looking forward to spring and summer And then who knew who knew you'd be a House arrest a prisoner for 23 months in your house. You couldn't go out. You'd be terrified of this virus. Then finally is it starts to loosen up often Can't go out again. Rioting protesting looting everywhere all over the place. And if that's not bad enough, they got the Democrats and the fake news and the media all gathering up conspiring to just tamper with this election, and they are going nuts..

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