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The conclusion of everything for the boys february fifteenth nineteen forty four on classic radio theater. The program is great in spite of the anger behind the scenes as we just talked about while our auto transatlantic hookup is being. Set up. Mr coleman and mr burns do speak to the american ranger. Tonight's play was dedicated. Mr coleman has a word for you who fight on the home front and a few moments. We move out across the ocean to bring back with us. The voice of american boys standing on the english coast overlooking hitler's fortress of europe in that same england during the summer of nineteen forty nazi bombs. Were pouring desk than destruction on the people of london town. Another american boy. Not long out of rugby. School stood and watched one night. His name was john. Gillespie magee marveling at the head of the handful of spitfires fighting against overwhelming odds the enlisted with the royal canadian air force and soon became a skilled pilot. John magee was also very promising. Young writer having won the same poetry prize awarded to the soldier poet of the last war rupert brooke today when the sound of the wings of the united nations is bringing hope to the world. I would like to hear something he wrote. He explained in a letter to his family at the time that it was mostly composed while he was flying at.

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