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Lance Williams. Wanna give a big shout to my co host Jeff Hartmann? We do the show the standard is to standard. Jeff also does a fantastic show called the Steelers burning question also gonna give a big shot out to all the other fellow podcasters at BTC also big up to all the writers at behind steel curtain dot com. As you all know. Yeah, I said it is a controversial show. I try to say the things that Steeler fan is afraid to say the key. I try to be the conscious of Steeler fan. I know you guys don't like what I say. Because it's controversial I'm, but I want to push the envelope. And I wanna push the Steelers in my own particular way. Maybe I could fire up the fan base to fan base. Get excited we can get this organization to start moving and this persona of. Yeah. I said it. It's gonna hurt me to say this. But yeah, I said it I was rooting for the patriots to win their six Super Bowl and at the time of this recording. The patriots have joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in club safes and they have won their sixth Super Bowl with a thirteen to three win over the loss Angeles Rams. Watching the patriots win another championship. And tying my beloved Steelers. Was about as irritating as that piece of meat that gets stuck in between your teeth, and you can't find any floss it just frigging irritates you all day and watching Tom Brady play average football and watching Jared Goff Callum play horrible football in the patriots win six championship scoring thirteen. Fricking points was terrible. But I was actually rooting for them to win. You guys might ask. Why was I routing for the patriots to win a six Super Bowl championship? And I call myself a Steeler fan, and I'm from the north side of Pittsburgh, and I'm from the same community of the Rooney family and that my grandfather knew the chief and gamble with the chief in. New the chief. Well, that's how far my roots. Go back that long law long family friend got rested, dead building on junior was best friends with art Rooney the second. That's how far my Steeler roots. Go it's rooted in my DNA. But at the same time. I was happy to see the patriots get to six because the Steelers are standing still. And if they don't wake up anytime soon. That monster up north that it seems like they've gone twenty straight AFC championships. Brady's wants six Super Bowls. If there's any question if he's been go quarterback, there should be none. The guy wants six Super Bowls. They into a kazillion AFC championships. They've been to eleven Super Bowls. It seems like they went fifteen games twenty games a season every single season. It's patriots over and over and over and over again, they accomplish what the Steelers took it since nineteen thirty three since two to thousands. This is a dynasty that. We may never see again, if this does not motivate the Pittsburgh Steelers to possibly try to do an eight different way. I don't know. What will I'm tired of seeing bad challenge? Ages. I'm tired of seeing the Steelers lose to inferior teams. I'm tired of the drama. I'm tired of AB. Obviously, obviously tired of obviously. I'm tired of lady on bail. I'm tired of all the shenanigans. And I'm tired of watching the patriots win every single season. Even in a year where two Steelers finally beat the patriots. It still doesn't matter. It seems like this franchise always one ups the Steelers this is frustrating..

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