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The shot is a little bit flat. He's great on the brake. He just needs to make an impact and make basketball plays when the game is actually played slower and we know how fast Alabama likes to play. We know how many threes they want to take up. But when the dimensions of the court change, it's not a track meet, how is he able to make his imprint on the game? That's always been my concern with him. Once he gets a college level. Which, by the way, it's going to be really interesting. To compare and contrast him in Kennedy Chandler this year, I think. Right. Because Kennedy Chandler is a lot of the stuff that JD Davison is in JD Davison is a lot of stuff in terms of tools that Kenny Chandler just doesn't have yet. I would venture Kennedy Chandler's more successful season this year than JD Davison. I would venture that JD Davison if it hits. I mean, that guy's upside is just higher because he's 6 three. He's a real athlete like he has real vision. He can distribute like there's just enough there. And playing in Alabama's offense is going to help him long-term. Again though I just wonder if he's a two year player, not a one year player. Yeah, it could be. You kind of have my brain spin a little bit 'cause you're absolutely right. Like if you say it's a lot I said if you combined usman garuba and Albert Schengen, it's the perfect 5, and now you're talking about the perfect point guard on the SEC. Like you had the exposed to this has four general notes how to play and make the right reads. It also could be a situation where if they both GoPro Kenny Chandler could have a better season statistically and more minutes played and you just have these tiny pockets of windows of the JD Davis and experience and sculptures can't pass on him for a guy who's maybe a little bit smaller, just hoping that it does hit, and then all of a sudden you have this crazy explosive two way guard who hasn't played a lot of basketball. He takes some time to develop them and maybe it hits what you need to be a couple of years down the road. Yeah, I was talking to an NBA executive on the phone earlier this week. And one thing that we kind of brought up was the idea of comparing the NBA landscape to startups and people that like live in the startup world and startup investors. Startup investors will invest in companies not like they're going to fail probably 7 out of ten, 6 out of ten, right? But the goal is to hit the one that can like 50 X or a hundred X your money, not to find the one that will just like three X your money because you feel like it's an it's a little bit, right? The goal here is in many ways, is very ants. You want to find that high level variants and you want to find that high level upside. JD Davison has that if it works long term in comparison to someone like Kennedy Chandler in my opinion. Oh, it's a hundred. We'll just see the hits. It's a hundred. Right? But you also have to balance that and it's a great analogy. Number one, where are you drafting? And then number two, how hot is your seat as a front office as a general manager? You can take those kind of chances, albeit maybe a little bit more calculated..

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