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Jeff wall eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six that said to jersey city jeff is up next that found that jeff thank you very always larry arnn thank you jim brisha man what's going on and we live in a million giant any ban uh a moody good eagle uh nieto gain uh i didn't hate the like i do now i remember jim clunky were rookie of the year for the patriot and he actually one they created the more on court and he won two two balls uh one i think is a wild card scheme with the oakland raiders beat the philadelphia eagles you know overachieving dick romeo team uh clunkers beat them super bowl and he wanted to know the super bowl i don't even think he's in a hall of fame clunky you know um but uh ah you know when the hall of fame thing you know i haven't use would that joe quicko we positions using all quoting y jay he deserves to be in the hall of fame when you think about dominant defensive players of his time period quicko is going to be right at the top at alleged that yeah it's funny you mentioned the idea of you being a jet giant fan rooting against new england makes a lot more sense because i remember jeff i tell you a crazy call it a couple of nights ago and you'll like alma giant fan but i'm rooting for the eagle sounds like that makes sense but now that you described yourself as a guy that routes for the jets as well that's where i can see where the animosity for new england bills up that makes sense i'm in new york no.

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