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Confessions disease expert agrees this is going to be a bad week on face the nation Dr Anthony Fauci said deaths will increase in the days ahead we are struggling to get it under control but by last night's White House briefing a sunnier view we are beginning to see the glimmers of progress I see light at the end of the tunnel Dr Deborah Burke's pointed to data from tests in New York day over day they're percent positive is finally starting to decline but elsewhere Burke said the spread continues deaths from corona virus are a lagging indicator Steven Portnoy a CBS news Washington president trump continues to say a malaria drug could be used to treat corona virus patients I've seen things that I sort of like so what do I know I'm not a doctor I'm not a doctor but I have common said Dr Anthony Fauci tells CBS's face the nation hydrochloric Quinn hasn't been proven as a covert nineteen treatment the data are really just at best suggestive after more than a week quarantined at home for covert nineteen prime minister Boris Johnson has been hospitalized for tests in London his office says it's a precaution the queen has made a rare televised address Vicky Barker in London Britain's Queen Elizabeth thanking health workers and delivery drivers working through the corona virus pandemic I also want to thank those of you who are staying at home thereby helping to protect the vulnerable and sparing many families the paid already felt by those who have lost loved ones a wartime rallying cry against Britain's most implacable foes since the second World War she remembers three European countries may be on the down side of a pandemic more from CBS is Elizabeth Palmer in Spain up pop up hospital in Madrid's conference center has a thousand acutely ill patients the country has the second largest number of cases in the world after the United States but at last some good news but it's not easy to prime minister Pedro Sanchez announced he is almost over and in Italy to the rates of infection and death have flattened hello easy and a pastor is defined that stayed stay at home order by holding church services for the second week in a row and at Lodi California cross culture Christian church did the same in its parking lot Danielle Harvey is a church member.

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