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The Cairo radio news centers streaming on the Cairo radio at good afternoon it's four thirty one cracks in the west Seattle bridge have led to the city to close the bridge to commuters and that begins tonight tonight the west Seattle high rise bridge will be closed to all traffic this will last until we can do further assessments regarding safe operation of the bridge that's mayor Jenny Durkan she says the Spokane street viaduct will remain open to transit freight and first responders that's also known as the lower bridge the city says traffic is down fifty percent with the corona virus pandemic but the closures timing is purely a coincidence Boeing is closing its production plant across the Puget Sound as the corona virus continues to spread through its work force here's Kyra radio Chris Sullivan production will shut down for fourteen days starting on Wednesday those who are already working from home or can work from home will do so during this closure those who cannot work remotely like machinists will receive paid leave for the initial ten working days of the suspension that's double what Boeing normally does Boeing says worldwide it has thirty two confirmed cases of coronavirus in its work force of more than a hundred and sixty thousand people twenty five of those that were based here in the Puget Sound area one of its workers and ever has died from covert nineteen Boeing has sent a letter to workers saying it's working quickly with health authorities to take actions that best protect our people as the spread of the coronavirus accelerates in Washington state I was a a letter from Boeing Italy has recorded a smaller day to day increase in new coronavirus cases for the second straight day there were nearly seven hundred fewer cases reported that there were Sunday they're also less deaths reported there however it will still be a few more days before we know if Italy is at the beginning of a positive trend time now to check Kyra radio real time traffic to see what's going on here's Tracy Stephen they're working a crash on northbound four oh five AD to hundred thirty second in totem lake it's definitely taking up some lanes at one point it was taking up both toll lanes looks like we're in the process of not moved off to the right side you're still going to hit the brakes as you approach to that scene there's a wreck on the side self in a five and I. ninety a little bit of a distraction for drivers traffic still being alternate in both directions right now on highway seven oh two and yell this is out near eighty eighth Avenue south it's a moving traffic just through that eastbound lanes so far so good for drivers around joint base Lewis McChord by phone has a sore topic as we get closer to steal street and traffic is brought to you by lows so your next home improvement project do it right by shopping at Lowe's for deals throughout the store do it right for less start with lows Kyra radio real time traffic and freight to Taylor after a couple of thunderstorms through this evening we'll have a few pockets of rain overnight tonight through tomorrow a mix of clouds and sunshine still that possibility.

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