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Like this all right we'll keep watching it Taylor Lawrence of The New York Times thank you thank you this is morning edition from NPR news I make a Martin and I'm no well king I know well and Rachel return with more of the program at the top of the hour they'll preview some of the stories of for the next hour coming up at four latest from NPR news ahead at four oh one next up on the Friday morning Valentine's day's schedule it's the marketplace morning report next up in your economic textbook they say game theory and how it fuel the part of the game show that plus more the morning's business news is just ahead my name's Michael state the time three fifty or ten before for you know what I want to remind you again that you can keep the public in public radio by being a participant in perspectives that's our series of great daily listener commentaries we invite you to share your thoughts on the topic of particular interest with other KQED listeners in the bay area and throughout the northern California learn more by going to the website which is KQED dot org slash perspectives again KQED dot org slash perspectives or call the editor of perspectives he is mark trope mine is number area code four one five five five three two one zero eight coming up on the next Commonwealth club program we look at the crisis in revival in working class Americans Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl done share stories of recovery in resurgence in a population that has suffered greatly from opioid addiction increasing numbers of suicide in economic tonight at eight PM a lot of the time it's hard to know how news affects lives as we in.

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