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Step four stay on the same sleeping schedule. Impossible. I, mean doesn't that help when you? What time do you go to bed state? I have my alarm set to go to bed at eight forty. PM isn't that a good time? Yeah. I don't always go to bed I mean I I rarely go to at eight forty but it's kind of like my reminder right that it's time to start winding down. You know I don't require a lot of sleep. So kind of depends what you're not going to be four in the. Morning? No. But a lot of people seem shocked that if they're up till four in the morning, they're going to look bad and feel bad the next morning right I'm serious it's nothing's worse the drinks plane to a forty year old man the concept of being on time the reason why you fill so bad at four in the morning is because you went to bed at three in the morning. Drunk. So, you're still drunk at for the money goes now the next move move number five action on number five, invest the first every day to organize your day. Yeah. Invest the first hour before you see a human. Best the first hour use your to do list. Use Your calendar, your planner, get up an hour before you see another human organize the day. Now Great News here for you folks Brian Tracy, the selling author and the motivational speaker he wants said, your greatest asset is you're earning your greatest asset is you're earning ability your greatest resource is your time. Your greatest asset is you're earning ability your greatest resources, your time, Steve when people go to your website, Steve Kerr Renton Dot COM and a apply for mortgages. If you weren't fist idiots about organizing your time. You wouldn't be able to process all the mortgages and in fact, I know a lot people in your industry that I have helped to generate leads. And they can't ever generate momentum with their career because they can't organize their calendar. Today, we had the John Whitmer radio show reached out to me on the show and we had the war room reached out to have me on the show and we reached out a Andrea K. reached out to have her show. So there's three radio shows I'm supposed to be on today. Oh, well, put because I know my calendar I was able to call the client and. Say Client. Will you be here today one client said actually out a town take you for asking boom right then I called another client and my three o'clock. He's Outta town today was able to move my four o'clock meeting the three. These are all like I'm planning my day I'm not just reacting I'm asking the question. Is it okay if I move this meeting from four to? Three. Is it okay but man if I didn't have my day, I wouldn't even know what I'm doing I wouldn't have. So again then what would happen is you'd never get invited back EXAC- whatever they call you at the time and you miss the time and that's right. Then you like I wonder why all these bad things happen to me I had an opportunity to be. On the war room and then just just because just because I was minutes late but just how they won't put me on the show and I don't get a call. If you're not prompt, it will stop out your dreams. It's going to happen a Brian Tracy goes to write righties. No one lives long enough to earn everything that they has no one lives long enough to learn. Everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To Be Successful, we absolutely positively have to find people who've already paid the price. To learn the things that we need to learn to achieve or go. So Stephen Somebody comes to work for you at Steve Kerr, intesne, DOT com. When they come work for you guaranteed rate up, you're going to teach them the systems. Now you said it only takes them a what we said about twenty hours to get the pre. Licensing Education. And about twelve months of mentor ship, they have to close you. You said twenty mortgages to close which by the way if you close twenty mortgages in your first year, you're probably in the top. Ten percent of all, because there's a lot of guys that get their license, they never sell anything they close alone you know and that's their learned. That's how they learn learn by doing there you go in your first twelve months you close one loan you only learned one loan, but if you close twenty twenty times as many now that math now, the next move the next, the next notable Cordoba I wanNA give you Brian Tracy Brian Tracy. The bestselling author he writes we will always tend to fulfill our own expectation of ourselves. So somebody out there listening right now you have an expectation that you're not gonNA earn a lot of compensation. Yeah. You kinda chosen that you've said I don't think I can earn a lot. Let me tell you what if you believe you're not going to earn a lot of money You're right. Right. But if somebody says I want to learn I, want to earn a lot of money. I WANNA make six figures a year. Can they do.

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