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One thing Wilson Chandler can't do shoot teaching McConnell's not known as an office of juggernaut, but he show forty-three percent from three point line last year Mus Scala when he's set is a dead Bank shooter Johnson, not a great shooter, but he can knock down that show if you'd lay off a hem or double off of him. And we saw Bolden play last summer when they do he's really stretch for kind of guy get knocked down shots. She talked about cork, MAs, Bela's, fine shooter. And even Zaire I think is going to be. A guy who's going to be able to knock down the occasional jumper when you double off of him. So maybe not a top five or six shooting team, but they don't need to be to be successful. Again, defense getting stops transition, been some breaking down. The defense shooting out of free throws. They'll shoot plenty well enough and to be a good team. And that's not the question Mark or one of the top two or three question marks that I have for the. Okay, and then maybe the most fun part of the beginning of the season for me, at least anyway, if I love the draft, pick with a trade of Smith look for Zaire Smith as a rim running guard playing with Ben Simmons getting out and transition, and also when they're both on the court, look for Simmons to move up position to defensively air defend opposing teams, point guard. And then these air full and Simmons play full says. Really good transition as very natural instincts and transition. There could be some really fun lineups with those young guys. You see those three with really anyone else at the at the four or five and the NB will play those short stints. Like you talked about Dane outta they wanna purposes is that when you get to the say this third Cortel of the first quarter, you're trying to catch the other team starting unit starting to fatigue, you want Simmons whistling fresh guys that can really kinda get a ten, oh, punch with a couple of easy, really transitions. If for example, you got the opposing team has two players at the table check in, but you catch two or three possessions where you got really fatigued opposing unit. If the Sixers have fresh for some around Simmons, that's when it's them go from fourteen fourteen to twenty four to fourteen game no time at all as you're so Sixers, maybe more most funding to watch last. Year lacrosse league, I top just right top of my head and in terms of how much anticipation I have a watching a team. I can't wait to see this team with what is full. It's going to be house air going to look looking at the three. Some were covering the bigs with Embiid and search. I, they're going to be a lot of fun, but ESPN RPM projections are out. I don't know full as you compare our thoughts against the RPM projections, which tend to be very conservative. We'll all teams or the west gate while the side between now next week. But ESPN RPM had them forty, seven point, eight wins that seems just on the surface quite doable, but Dame an excellent point in that they closed sixteen, oh, and not only not playing against playoff teams playing a lot of teams that had very little of winning their teams. I had shut down. Everyone in. So they have a very soft landing. So Dame forty, seven point, eight. Do you have them over that? I, I can't imagine any was have them under it. No, yeah. They gotta be you gotta say over that, but I would take under the fifty four and a half. That was one that popped to me is as being a little high. I mean, obviously, you got to, I don't really buy into like the Embiid injury nightmare, like sound the alarm guy, but that is a concern and he could if that team loses him for a substantial period of time again, that that makes a difference in driving down..

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