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That and they come away with a seven to three victory and now will play a deciding game five tomorrow night in cleveland i think you now i think those are the two things louise severino bounces back in a big way pitches really really wanna know gives up that home run assent atta dahlgren to roberto perez to make you sweat a little bit but he really erase race any fail you had about that gave a completely this idea that louis severino based on a third of an inning based on one postseason start this means he's going to be this awful postseason pitcher i think we could put that to bed for now because he bounced back in a big way in a game in which obviously he needed to pitch well you've got a yankee bullpen it's tired you've got a team at needs to win of their seasons over you're facing a much better team in the minnesota twins louise severino answered the call he's the ice at his team but number two the cleveland indians god and you know this is the the thing that has to excite you view yankee fan about this cleveland indian team and i don't think we've mentioned this once over the last five days we've talked about the indians we've waxing poetic about how good this team is how feisty this team is how they play the game the right way if bullpen the rotation the offense no easy out frink is casey stangl all of that and the one thing we forgot to mention that we should especially now that they're facing a game five he blew the world series last year oh yeah they flat out we'll away so in that building cleveland holds that sign that he held in game one in game two that said 04 yankees biggest joe gover he may be right that that was the biggest collapse ever put you know what else is out there the two thousand sixteen cleveland indians and now in a year in which they want to 100plus games they won twenty two in a row and nothing short of the championship we'd be a success hit about what they're facing tomorrow night and cleveland they had a.

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