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Not trying to end it right. I'm not trying to give you an end date or some cryptic message. Oh here's what he really meant. You know you don't say you know what i'm saying es i am science manson But you know. God dang man i just. It's just crazy paper crazy. But i'll be doing podcast with you long after i'm off television appreciate that. I look forward to that. So we're going to grow old together. Connie i promise you goddamn almost talking man. God easter posey. I've already hey look at it. We got. I got married in a civil ceremony. Get cornet racer dane. Conrad are you the bride. Happy bado own aggressive. Oh my goodness hey. Let's just how about that and you know what we're gonna find some fun next week. We're doing to watch long. Nothing more fun than watching wrestling with good old jr. And we're going to be doing that next week as we take a look at stone. Cold steve austin becoming. Wef champion again in indianapolis on raw. It's a watch along. Don't watch it ahead of time. Watch it with jim. We are gonna let your voice tracks some of the call from that main event so we'll just lay out and let it breathe daddy or looking forward to next week man. This was a good time. I don't know what. I expected talking about the beginning jericho's career but i'm looking forward to picking up where we left off because while maybe it didn't start the way he hoped or we hope to fans we're going to get there in november. He's going to become the world champ and defeat the rock and stone cold not just on the same night but in back to back matches. Ooh what a story. Chris jericho has. That's the story for another time. He is at jr's bb. Hugh i am. Hey hey it's conrad and we are out of time. We'll see next week right here on grill in jr the voice of wrestling. Mr jim rawls appreciate you county always and we certainly appreciate our audience and the loyalty that they have office making us one of the top parentally weekly two or three podcasts in the united states wrestling genre and We we love you gash that we appreciate our work. But just don't tell me what thinking unless you're fucking crespin. We do appreciate. We love your. Yes conrad roll tide.

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