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Hey everybody it. Is eric olson for another episode. That we're doing live for the managing partners podcast. And i'm in my new office with a beautiful white wall behind me. There will be wallpaper there eventually. But for now it's just wight and primed and ready for wallpaper so over the next couple of episodes you're going to see some changes but that is not the exciting part of today. The exciting part is my guest. Ivan wasserman hey ivan how you doing great eric. I have a white wall too but we have one piece of art on the wall. So yeah you you ought to be. Well let me tell the audience a little bit of value. And then then we'll watch so i've in washington is the managing partner of one of the nation's leading regulatory and intellectual property law firms with offices in chicago and washington. Dc and one new mystery office. That just opened. today we're going to hear about. In a moment. They represent a sophisticated client base including fortune. Five hundred middle market and emerging companies in the food dietary supplement cosmetic and medical device industries was also included in best lawyers in america from two thousand seven through twenty twenty one. That's how long run good for you. I like this party. Because we're digital marketing and advertising company and named two thousand eighteen and twenty twenty advertising. Were of the year for chicago. Mike yesterday is ivan lawson. Welcome to the ivan. Thank you very much eric. Consider a pleasure to be on what you're doing and looking forward to our conversation local. Thanks for making time for us so a mystery new office. What's that all about. So just today. It's very momentous day for me to be on the managing partners gasp because my my management has increased today. Our firm announced that we opened an office in los angeles right now. We are truly a that. I like to call a national boutique. Allow firm with offices now in l. a. d. c. in chicago and i can talk about why. La so strategically important to to our firm and our clients. So let's hear about let's interesting. Yes so you know the firm the firm as you mentioned in the bio sorta does what i do. We are really a dedicated boutique to to those industries to the food beverage dietary supplement. Which for those of you. Don't hours of your your. Gnc products herbal supplements probiotics vitamins. Minerals those sorts of things Cosmetics and medical devices what others things have in common is all regulated by the food and drug administration. Man and sort of the firm started out in sort of still is..

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