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Listening to ABC news a news radio time eleven OO to the run on non perishable food cleaners and toilet paper continues KOAA news radio's Laura hatch was at the lone tree cosco the line is wrapped almost half way around the store itself continuing story people lining up wanting to get groceries prepare stock up to that situation continuing this Sunday morning Laura hatch Keighley news radio king soopers cutting back its hours to make for more time to restock depleted shelves most metro area king soopers will be open from seven AM to eight PM health experts continue to bang the drum on best practices for avoiding corona virus Dr Steven Cobb with century Denver keeping us six feet of distance between you and another person can be protective from droplets that are sneeze or cough into the into the air experts have also been emphasizing the importance of people who aren't feeling well staying home Colorado's ski mountains are closed at least for the time being it's affecting not only skiers and boarders but plenty of workers in resort towns like Vail it is a little worrying working here avenues the people coming in especially for workers to shop safely it kind of seems like it might have to leave sooner if it gets worse with the lift still hotels shops and restaurants also affected Colorado restricting visitors at nursing homes and assisted living facilities vendors and suppliers will still be able to drop off things at nursing homes but visitors won't be allowed the facilities are being directed to offer alternative communication methods for people who would like to virtually visit their loved ones Kathy.

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