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Men were spotted outside the CBS on North line and then tried to flee, Chief Archie Hamilton said. When they were pulled over. They have handcuffs They have police cared. So that makes us assume that there possibly Impersonating police officers. There's been a rise in retail thefts, and chief Hamilton theorize is the ex cons. May have been posing his cops with tools. They had crowbars. They had hammers. They had a lock pick set, so they are completely geared to go out there in the break into almost anything. The two men have lengthy criminal histories and are due in court later this week. On Wall Street. Today. Stocks were up and down all day. But at the end of the day they finished down. The Dow was off 121 points the S and P was down. 50, Ken Rogowski, wjr news, traffic and weather Next Jeffries express lanes He's found before Grand River Schaefer, There is an accident. The left lane is blocked Traffic slow from about Greenfield Road, 75 both directions between seven mile road and 14 Mile Road construction. The left lane blocked Expect delays. I'm Peggy Hodge. W J. R traffic and Weather first, fairly quiet structure whether to close down the work week course here in Michigan was sunshine for Thursday, Friday and through the weekend. Numbers kind of up and down. We had some mid fifties around for mid week and enjoyed that warm up here today are look tonight at 29 degrees turning colder than the North winds.

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