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Too exciting a prospect for somebody in Europe to want to come over and be a part of for themself. So I would be surprised if they do stick with Cushing, but we'll see. I mean, I think either way, I'm more impressed with the fact that they're probably going to continue on moving forward and still have a chance towards achieving some really big things this season. But the other thing I would say that you might be right about Cushing, I'm just sort of speculating given his time in the organization. And the fact that he was a head coach, maybe he sort of making a move, you know, across the men's and women's games a little bit like, you know, a little bit like John herb and trying to get the head coaching job there to do that. But he has a long-term contract, Mehdi has a long-term contract. Robert tushy has a long-term contract and has been in there under multiple managers, whatever manager comes in is not going to be able to bring his whole staff. And that goes back to the foundation that they're laying. It's like the manager is not sort of the end all be all shining light. You get to dictate everything is built around your vision. It's just sort of like the current leader of the first team squad, and they have the rest of the system up and running and churning around them. Dave and I were going back and forth in the pre show meeting and I had argued that MLS we've become accustomed to your point, kaelin of seeing guys stick around and that I continuity, especially when a successful team happens is something we just expect. If you're good, your manager stays. Peter vermes and Kansas City, you know, siggy with Seattle and then schmitz, Jim Curtin you see now, with the union in that sense, you know, for all those years in LA, you have Bruce, that's just sort of like the ever present, DOM kinnear to throw it to a one in the past for you, kaylin, who's just like, okay, well, he's the dude..

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