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Man he was ruthless despot a dictator spy eventually tried and convicted as a drug dealer manuel noriega ruled panama with an iron hand and for a time with us backing igad died in a panama city hospital yesterday here's cbs news foreign affairs analyst pamela falls strongman was a term practically coined to panamanian general manuel noriega a former cia operative and partner of the us whose rise to power as a tyrant and the fist behind civilian presidents led to his involvement in extensive drug trafficking a us invasion and his in bench will imprisonment spent seventeen years in us prisons much of the rest of his life in panamanian jails for murder but will noriega was eighty three tiger woods out of jail and sorry he was picked up ford driving under the influence near resolve in florida your cbs news correspondent map piper in his statement the forty one yearold says he's sorry and takes full responsibility for his actions would says he wants the public to know that alcohol was not involved in his dui arrest which led it in jail for four hours monday morning he claims an unexpected reaction mixed prescription pills affected is driving he says he expects more from himself and apologizes to his fans friends and family would says he'll do everything in his power to be sure it does not happen again that piper cbs news north korea says tests of its ballistic missiles are going quite well in fact it now claims they can get as close as twenty three feet of a target but it's not supposed to be testing such rockets the un is threatening sanctions cbs news correspondent ben tracy president trump waiting on twitter saying that north korea's latest missile shows great disrespect for its neighbor china the president wants china to keep pressuring north korea to give up its weapons program by what china wants is for the us and north korea to stop the sabrerattling.

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