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Peel, but all you have to do is go by hundred Cleveland, they'll build you a staff staff you'd have a steakhouse outside the stadium. You hear when you ten and six headed six Cleveland? Lebron James do is just like it's just like, right? When you look at any like type, for instance, where we are right now. Let the Knicks go and win let the next just makes states L get swept in the first round of the playoffs air by old, man. This is all it takes this dough. I would go to Cleveland. Thanks ray. We'll have a prayed won't be a big his. But you go to Cleveland u-turn at thing around. Now, we started out conversations about this coach turned a whole franchise around. He had these young players. Like, do I'm telling it is right for the take putting it on wax. You know, there's certain teams in the NBA the start hot like the grizzlies started hot they were opening in the Western Conference standings. And there was looking good. Well, things are not looking good anymore. They've lost eight ten games later only Caspi and Garrett temple had a physical altercation in the locker room after they lost to the pistons. I haven't been in professional locker room before you have how often does this sort of thing happen, not often really balls over sometimes, and you get like physical altercations or rare like that's very rare, and I know Garrett temple Garrett temple is like a little brother to me from Ben routes. They'll issue a lot of people don't know, Gary. Oh, dear temple ball money was doing this thing in Sacramento was in Washington. But he he the same. But when they balls over to to physical like it becomes personal. And that's what you worry about in the dynamics of team like 'cause now if I don't personally like this do like Kobe and do I how I don't personally like who years. That's usually when he gets the fist. Well, you played football. And you see this stuff in practice a lot. Is it different in football? Because you're wearing all the pads. It's totally there is fatigue. It's like football is physical. So you always in contact with somebody. So you be I mean, you beat especially in trying to come out. We practicing like two two weeks, and it's hot it's hot we own practice. Number Shane and everybody. You know, your wife ain't they'll you girlfriend that we all alone in a desolate place trying to get ready for football season. So a fight is the the smallest thing. But when you talk about in the middle of the season in the locker. Room. That's tough. Have you ever been involved in physical education? But it's absolutely what happened we through hands with helmets on would helmets off with helmets off you. You pull the helmet off. Like it was at practice all plan for this. No. Are you gonna tell me what what was with? No. You're not gonna have with Marcus. No come on here. Great, dude. I'm not gonna say it. Who was it? I'm not gonna say, oh, I'm not going to say is it because he's now in the Monday night football note now. You don't hit with that was like a trophy on put your hands on whit fight? We you go. Well, not only are the grizzlies having some turmoil. Yeah. The pelicans another team started. Well this season. I have a little turmoil and twenty two now. Oh, man. Yeah. And of course, when you talk pelicans you talk about Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis was talking about their struggles. Let's listen. Better. Same rigor show everyone. Covers for an office. What we did last year. The EP bag, Dan have Niko output. Case they hoping. Improvement. Sorry for ser so anti Davis is media savvy because I work in the media do this a long time, and he's handling all this controversy. So well with the pelicans the pelicans, he walks the company line into microphones. But this is he's he's cracking a little bit here, but we all a little bit. He's cracking a little bit here. Like does does this because the media thing and read too much into this? This tells me this is my last season pelicans outta here. We did. Well last year, I thought it was different this year. And guess what it is going to be different next year. I'm not going to be in his uniform. And that's why we agree mixed it because you know, me I'm gonna say it eighty goal, man. He's eighty don't give a damn about New Orleans ADS thinking about championships..

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