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I just look for any events in the area that are safe given our currency situation and we kind of plan. We have done a lot of things that we hadn't done before and it's very exciting like even the driving watching movies. We have done a lot of walks. And i also enjoy a lot of sit down talking time when we're driving together or just because it's late at night and we are just having a mother daughter sleep over time. We spend time talking talking and going places. Yeah that's so far. I know you'll have a lot of movie nights and fun holidays. Tell you can go. What about you okay. Well my favorite things to do with casey. The first thing that popped into my head just right off the bat was we'd love going to theater productions we love musical and plays and We'd love to go to new york and got a broadway shows and local shows and of course now due to covid. It's we're missing it tremendously but we we really enjoy that and we also love concerts. We out a. We've been to minne- sarah barilla's concerts many k. Link five five. We adore her. We even were buzzing really homebodies. We do kind of like to travel we are. I guess our favorite thing did is we go to the her manzke pud center of conference every year. And it's just just a wonderful wonderful weekend. It's like a family reunion because we adore those people and and we ended the nih and the vanderbilt for h. b. s. research. But casey would say her number one top spot for travel is disneyworld and i thoroughly enjoy it too. She's like obsessed on another level My head is just holidays. Casey is just as a cia has sweet childlike spirit and really loves traditions. So we really get into the holidays we you know. Do all the y'all to and you know young doing the matching. Pj in you're talking about that and all the different us. So those are the main things that that popped into my head on that question. Yeah so basically as we said earlier we all do everything with our moms everything the confirmation all right well the next question. I have is So i'm gonna ask the question and then also add a little disc labor so the question already. I i know that hearing diagnosis when we were born was scary. Especially with the visual impairment and everything. And so we were going to ask. What was something that we accomplished. That will encourage new parents. That might be listening and the little. Disclaimer cassandra and i talked about this and we were like ooh. Does this some bragging to ask this question. Yeah we're on this group. This album group on facebook this asselot. A lot of parents are really scared and they wanna know that their kid can do anything that a quote unquote normal person or able bodied person can do so. That's why but wanted to kinda ask. This suggests encourage anybody that might be listening for what we can do. So exactly in my cohen for sure. Yes exactly like you said i love encouraging other parents because i can remember well and i don't have a good memory but i remember well twenty eight years ago when she was born and find out about her disability and just being terrified and wondering yeah..

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