Provia, China, Arroyo discussed on The John Batchelor Show


At protecting side the from provia now the important to get his own national assembly quite only because the opposition party is critical to have enough votes to stop it so he's got bigger problems with his own national assembly the repair on national security the puzzle about thaddeus the chinese say it's aggressive they can look into their defences they regard this as a qualification of their sovereignty does the debt that this the south korean people they follow china's argument is too sophisticated or they agree with china no they there there is always a big split on the arroyo left within the society in thrown among individual private citizens of iraq we are worried about their own security side with china saying that the necessary other or talk about korean law quote we're talking about korean lives americans early talk about protecting themselves and then that argument it will play as well in the press but the the part of get covered as we go to the older if you ask anybody over fifty years old your darn right we gotta have we go of technological americans but we got protect ourselves we'll be no bob though the opposition to people who are proamerican they don't really seemed to have very much political clout these days do they i mean there are a minority in the national assembly and they certainly lost control of the blue house where the president's resides is it seems the president moon news is in a pretty good position to really promote his progressive agenda which looks very much like north koreas and very little like ours well that's right the problem with the silent majority of of south korea is the third ability to mobilise a public opinion is pretty poor what to which a mood has no problem in mobilising public opinion on hillside so the bill to get your ability to get things done there's going to be pretty good what is it he has shown what are you really want to do a cab um and either legislatively or public of wide of any the story and he's already called the senator durban to take it back to the us but the message to the united states well up could be hard to believe obviously for the trump administration i think of caused problems.

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