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Really flexible and really athletic Not able to do a lot of these things. Yeah I read that you can still do the splits at fifty two. Which is that I. Do I interview Randy Guitar? Or but he has a great gym called extreme tour his son Orion get sore trains. Me and I have achieved code so I do a little bit of training and I just do some cardio. Stop Stretching and stuff like that but it's really important as you get older to remain flexible and to keep your body moving route to prevent injury hangups dining shocked to kill myself a million times a during the show so. I'm just always trying to be like focused and in the moment and you know hypersensitive to being physically set. How did you get into you? Know Magic like what at what point in Your Life. We like. This is it. This is my career. Because you gotta say it's not a lot of kids don't grow up. I'm going to be a magician. They're not that stupid. I was. I was six. My installers showed me a car trek and I was obsessed with magic in the power that gave you as a young kid when adults didn't understand how you were doing accomplishing certain things. And by the time I was you know. Let's handle Evans. Twelve years old. I was performing private parties on my bicycle as playing in bars by barely fourteen. Was You know Fridays? Incites could never get away with it today but in New York as to go into bars and closer magic I always knew this is what I wanted to do. Always had a big dream took me eight year. Eighteen years to become an overnight success but never gave up and no matter what it is. You want a life you just have to put that sweat equity in put blinders on believing yourself. No one else does. Don't waste your time on. Social media was seen to negatively breeds. Nothing positive and eventually can happen. You just gotTa really really you got to really be able to believe it envision it you know yeah. I have a very important question for EFI. Like good. Went lead off with actually is magic real Now I'm an entertainer artist. I use a lot of things that I'd be are real because I try to blurred line between reality and like when I hang by four fishhooks through my back from a helicopter over the Valley of fire or hang for six hours of It's real is no pain medication. No numbers nothing. When Frank Muir chocolate Dell or Ryan Aranda tour or Or who else will my missing Pge Van Zandt when a punched me in the stomach You know as hard as they could That was completely real. That wasn't like some type of tricks. So I do do tricks. And allusions Really can't fly unlimited. Even though I do it in a way that's never been done I try to blurred outline and let the audience determine what is real and what is oddity. It's a bit more fun for them to be able to determine what is what were you nervous when you got punched in the I mean. That's Houdini got caught right. Well that's what I was doing. I was kind of paying homage because Houdini in his day in age said that he could take any man's punch in a couple of college kids soil. Houdini after a show they were like. Is it true Mr Houdini Take any man's points news like yes you can prepare. Welcome and essentially Ruptured his appendix and on Halloween in Nineteen Twenty six. He died of So I wanted to do that. And today are fighters are way more scientific stronger faster and I just thought it was even more difficult to do that test today than it would be. You know nearly eighty years ago or something so I got you know. Ufc Champs you know and and Just wanted to see However however however I would have had a wreck reacted excuse me and and it was definitely An interesting experience. Frank Mayor is like two fifty or something bad and he hit me the first time he's holding back and I said you can't do that because it just doesn't look believable and I wanted to be legit and he like look that media site you got this look at this. I and I was like Shit. He is let loose and he was just here. Actually before. This whole thing went dow-. Hbo Cobra Virus Ucla Training at my gym with him in order in his coach so But he he chocolate del end and And and they all they all they all hit hard when you get a free shot. You know it's definitely something. I'm concerned about but leave the techniques. So I I was hoping it was going to work and it. I have talked with those Basically his knuckles in my in my stomach like he just stood there the the after effects or like a few hours. You just like this big red mark of his knuckles. It was so how do you do it? How you how'd you take? Its muscle control reeling distance. It's like commonsense things that you just have to feel really confident about when you put yourself you know literally at the end of somebody. That's a high level athlete like near their punch. You know so just practice. You know so you you looted to a second ago but you worked for eighteen years before because you said becoming an overnight success but at some point along the way I'm sure there was some discouragment some encouragements. What was one point where you're like? I can do this for a living. I can be extremely successful. Well I knew I could do for a living when I was a teenager because I was doing. Like twelve birthday artie. So weekend or is doing firehouse shows. I've played at windows of the World. I was in corporate events and I was also playing with my banning clubs so I knew I could do it for a living but I was just miserable performing you know as a babysitter basically doing magic for kids birthday parties and I never was happy with it so I just figured I would take that leap. Because it wasn't about money was always about living my dream. You know you get one life you have to choose how you live it so I just really were hard in just one for and it just it when your different than you're not like everybody else it? It's more difficult to succeed. But once you succeed in everybody like kind of copies you because you proven a road that can work and you pave the road so it was a very very difficult process. But once I along the way saw certain indications you know because there was no one big thing that really happened. It was a small small things that evolved and transformed into a big thing but it was a series of small breaks that allow them to get the big great which was really my mind. Free Television series. You know on a I need act in two thousand and five eight three specials before that I had a six hundred shows on Broadway and forty third on its at the. Wwe McMahon's aid me a break back in two thousand two thousand one. So and I still. I still work with today. You know Stephanie Band and triple H or call with was hanging with me. A Probably two months ago or something so it was a series of a lot of things were you can never give up. That's the one common ingredient you know you just gotTa work hard. Doesn't matter if you want to be the best basketball player anime guy football play you never can give up and you just have to put that time in. If it were easy everybody would be successful. But the It the harder it is to achieve something the greater the reward. So you have the world record in a couple of things and I want to just walk through them to like. Explain the level of panic or how you mentally got over it. So the first one was you were submerged underwater. And had the fastest time to escape from a straitjacket at two minutes and thirty seconds. How the hell do you train for that? And was there any moment where where you're like? Fuck I'm underwater for two minutes and thirty seconds this socks. I'm going to die right. I did over a thousand demonstrations on TV alone. And so so I think you're combining to different things but let me take one each one so I was the first Guy New Young Award. Twenty four hours. I did it in Times Square at the wwe and on Good Morning. America lie to hide everything And so I only was underwater for twelve hours in friends pool to see 'cause I didn't have money back and I want to see if I could do twelve hours and I came out. I was able to do it but I might. Skin drive me crazy. Because of the chlorine it's strove me not sweet. So when you say you're you're under your in like one of those clear boxes underwater. Yeah basically I had Houdini water. It was like a phone booth filled up with water and I always underwater for the very first hour upside down with eighteen pounds of chains and I was recreating what Houdini Did in y you know. Short time I wanted to do for twenty four hours so the first hour I was upside down the remaining twenty three hours right side up but I wasn't really prepared. I didn't have the money in science. United site just forced it S- and Y'all have a permanent scar on my nose because the mask or away and it was the most miserable experience you can imagine but I did it and it served its purpose. And then the one that you're talking about. I didn't tying swear in it was Got To straitjackets. I wanted to be the first person to try to straitjackets at the same bullshit. Straitjackets you get that you see. Everything inherited these magic using lake. Legitimate Cozy straitjackets. I two of them. I worked with Randy tour these Jim because I wanted him to. Constantly choked me out. I wanted to know what it was delights. What signs would be to know when I was going to go on conscious because the idea was not only going to have to straitjackets on I was going to hang upside down above twenty thousand people? You KNOW THIRTY THIRTY FEET. Thirty stories up and essentially have fifty pounds await basically hanging from one end of a rope. The other end was in new surround my nap and so I had to be very gingerly. Getting that straightjacket up is I was fighting against myself. If I moved a lot the news would get hydro at fifty pounds. I would pass out go unconscious and I wouldn't have been able to accomplish my mission so I had to be very methodical Randy tour and you any out a bunch of times. He talked about the crowder arteries. I did turn my neck and different different techniques and essentially on got that I first jacket off to the point that I could get the road with my teeth. Offer my mouth drop the way everything off and then I got out of glass jacket but I did pay a small Christ side ripped my bicep off of my phone. Complete Ariza.

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