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This American life did a little story about North Carolina in which they appear to have stumbled upon this criminal election, rigging scheme in this specific district in this specific part of North Carolina and again. This wasn't about this current election. We've just been through where there's all this controversy now and all this national news and all this Michigan today, the unconsented their story on this American life about what was going on in North Carolina. This was a couple of years ago. Dismay. My my glass program today. Just what I wanted. We've arrived at two our program at two he's making a list checking at nice coulda find out who voted twice. So this fall with certain Republicans. They would discover under the tree was proof of voter fraud. So that's IRA glass. That is likely familiar voice to you. He's the host of this American life, and you can hear there's like the Christmas theme for this episode of this Merican life because this was just before Christmas two years ago in two thousand sixteen and this American life sent a producer down to North Carolina in December two thousand sixteen in it wasn't about the presidential election. They sent this producer North Carolina in the wake of the governors election in North Carolina in two thousand sixteen which was a super super super close race in two thousand sixteen the incumbent Republican governor of North Carolina was Pat mccrory he was running for election, but in two thousand sixteen he lost his seat democrat named ROY Cooper won the governorship. Instead. But it was super super close and for a long time the Republican incumbent Pat mccrory wouldn't concede that he had lost the governor's race. And in the aftermath of that election in two thousand sixteen the North Carolina Republican party set out to basically try to prove that the Democrats must have cheated that incumbent Republican governor, Pat mccrory couldn't have lost the election. If it looked like the Democrats had won it must be because they had somehow rigged it. And that's where this American life producers Zoe chase picked up the story because North Carolina Republicans went to a specific county in the southeastern part of the state, and they lodged a formal complaint saying that the Democrats in that county had rigged the election. And that's why Pat mccrory lost the governorship. So this radio producers Zoe chase goes to the hearing in that county where the Republicans are lodging this complaint. And then she's there with tape recorders running while the whole thing completely boomerangs check this out. Few hours in the complete starts to fall apart in this kind of mortifying way it happens when the person who actually filed the complaint takes the stand. Doing fine. Mr Michael MacRae darlas. He takes the stands looking like, he's not quite ready for this. Because it's got a big beard skinny guy windbreaker. And once he's up there being questioned by one of the Democrats on the board of elections. He seems amazingly unfamiliar with his own case, you allege that there's a scheme that was taking place in blatant county correctness the word that you used blatant scheme. What did you mean by that? Skiing bullet you use the words resulting from a or use late Inci? Use the words or the attorney that wrote it. What's got your signature at the end of signity rounding but installer. As riding bed personal writing data. I didn't do that. Attorney Turney was one drug product do try to remember who that attorney is like what his name is. I can't Jim is Steve. I can't remember his last name his attorneys seem embarrassed. It is embarrassing when a client who supposedly lodging a complaint is not familiar with the complaint. They try to object doesn't work McRae. Just ignores his lawyers and keeps talking over them. It tells you right. This is the greatest radio show in the history of radio shows. So this is the story that this American life is following Republicans in the wake of them losing the governorship. They're trying to lodge complaints. The trying to say Democrats must have stolen that election. Here's why the Republican governor isn't conceding Democrats had a scheme where sure of it. There must be some kind of problems, the Democrats must've done something wrong. So they get this local guy in bladen county North Carolina to stand up on behalf of the Republicans and lodge this complaint and it falls apart and his complaint goes nowhere. And it is a really big embarrassment in that moment. But then here is the boomerang. Here's how it adds the complaint is dismissed three.

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