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Young folks for the native and non native folks alike. Sure, yeah. And you mentioned, you know, the humor and the entertainment aspect. And my late father in law, he would do a lot of cultural education programs in east always use this phrase. Edutainment. You got to give him a show. You got to make it. You got to engage and especially nowadays with so many we're being pulled in so many different directions at once. There's so much stuff on YouTube and social media. In order to get people turned down to these ideas in these topics, you need that approach. You need to make it fun. You need to make it humorous, entertaining. And Anthony and Lee have certainly done that in grand fashion. So folks again, we're having a really, really interesting conversation. Please call in with any questions or comments, one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. You're listening to native America calling. I'm Sean spruce, and we'll be right back after this break. Are you a Native American healthcare provider, recovery counselor, social worker, domestic and sexual abuse advocate or traditional healer working in Native American communities? Doctor ruby Gibson will begin a 7 month advanced immersion in healing historical trauma. This online masterclass looks through the lens of a 7 generational recovery approach to provide powerful proven modalities and is offered tuition free to tribal members. Registration deadline is February 21st. Info at freedom lodge dot org who support this show. Thank you for tuning in to Native American calling. I'm Sean spruce. We're focusing on a new TV show called indigenous on New Mexico, PBS. The show takes viewers into the fascinating science and technology of indigenous knowledge and culture, and they're still time to comment, make a suggestion or ask a question for the creators of this native version of Bill Nye the science guy. That number to call one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. Lee and Anthony, I gotta tell you guys, you inspired me after watching the clips of indigenous. I created a top ten signs. A list top ten signs that you are an indigene Lee, what do you think you want to hear it? Yes, please. That's awesome. Anthony, how about you? Yeah, sounds great. I love the coin term and we're going to love using it this year. Okay, here we go. Top ten signs that you are an indigene. Number ten, you have a Mayan calendar hanging on your wall. Number 9, all of your pets have native language names. 8. You refer to a tepee as the world's first recreational vehicle. Number 7, you baked digiorno pizza and hot wings and an outdoor Adobe oven. Number 6, you've ditched your Under Armour moisture wicking sportswear for a gut skin parka. You wear snowshoes in July. Number four, you're disappointed because there are never any Native American words when you're playing whirl. Number three, you're listening to native America calling right now when you could be playing wurtele instead. Number two. You've taught your children to count down the days until Christmas by untying knots on a rope. And the number one sign, you're an indigene. You're planning an indigenous premier party at your house in your serving blue corn popcorn and in a totally punch bowl. Oh my gosh. We and Anthony, you guys have started a revolution. You know what, we've got a collar on the line. We've got lanny, he's listening on KM, HA in fort berthold. Lanny, you're on the air. Oh, gentlemen, I admire the efforts that you have for bringing across some of the really important information regarding some of our knowledge and I just wanted to say that sometimes some of that knowledge might cross into a ceremonial or medicine lines that have people have a certain license to or rights to suggestion that you might have an advisory board of some elders that can help you balance some of that knowledge. So it doesn't offend some of the people who have those rights in those bundles and ceremonies. So you can continue on with some backup and support and I just wanted to say that because you might be mentioned in something about blue corn and there might be somebody that has a medicine ritual and to kind of humor it or to kind of put it kind of a nostalgic place offending some people. So if you have an console, maybe a console that buys or help you balance that as you communicate that information, I think you would make your make your entity a little bit stronger. So that's all I wanted to say and I just look forward to looking at your information. Thank you. Well, Annie, thank you so much for that suggestion, really good point. And I'd like to go ahead and ask Lee have you have an advisory board like Atlantis suggest elders who chime in on some of these topics and the best way to approach them? We do. And that was one of the first things that we set up originally, we vetted through the scripts. We made sure that even the topics that we were covering were things that we very much were clear or as much as we tried to as possible as we could to not veer into the ceremonial territory, right? Some of the protocol territories. Anthony and the team really did a good job of making sure that we had elders and native science folks. So it wasn't just us sort of barreling through being like, we're going to make this great show to the natives kind of thing. It was that we recognize and all the work that I've done has been within that frame of understanding. How do we get the widest array of folks to kind of take a look at the work as much as we can in terms of time frames and et cetera? We can't talk to every native person in the United States and in the world around this, but we try to get really value to judgments and folks that can look at it from elders to culture keepers to journalists folks, to scientists, to give us their takes on the scripts that we ran with. And a lot of them, again, trying to really using this just as a touch point, right? So in some ways, this is not even going to deep knowledge. We talk about ancestral knowledge, but we're not going into really deep cultural pieces. We're talking about some of the innovations on almost like a one O one level..

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