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To chew bubble gum and kick ass all Quick side story undertaker Wwe's officially selling a dirt from the bone yard match That is it's not it's on newsradio discuss. I need to throw that in Europe it's while. Wwe Or really fucking desperate You're selling fucking dirt But anyway onto more important news Gronk Rob Gronkowski has officially returned to the NFL on the Tampa. Bay buccaneers He joined his his his good friend. Tom Brady Back in the NFL. Still Twenty four hour champion and. Wwe Is actually promoting that on their show but seems like he. His career wwe came up real short Supposed to have a program in summer slammed didn't happen did he. Make the right move Did He make the right? Move where we make the right move No because bob money but in apparent so they got another story that happens speaking of money they just released General Britzko Jerry. Briscoe another member of the WWE staff who has been released. No retirement he's eighty but you know Le to Rob Gronkowski. It's just a I don't know if it's cold doing dirty the wwe because he just signed the contract and they had a program for Summer Slam. Now it can happen. I feel like maybe he did the company not right but I mean what can you do? He was retired and they still new England still had his contract. Can you fucking traded him so by by Sir and hope you're enjoying that? Wwe money and by the way you can't they won't be allowed to do anything to him because he's under contract with the NFL so they're gonNA have to find a way to fucking get that off of him. It probably GONNA be It's going to be something I don't know what it is but I I I. I don't think it's going to be anything crazy. Some stupid thing or Mojo gets back off from truth or something like that. That's what I mean. Nobody loves to throw money away. Ronda Rousey by Brock lozenges law to throw money away Oria Gret screwed up next. We have There was an anonymous employees in. Wwe Who came out and said that the employees are being forced to work. No questions asked other being forced to work in. He's not they're not happy. The morale in the back is that they're being forced to show. Excuse me I'm forced to show up Do you think these rumors are true? Do you think that the guys are really being forced to work? You think they're actually joining being the center for the time being. I laugh because whenever the story is. I gotta be from Chick. Yeah no fucking rat. Sounds like sounds like a chick who wrote it because anonymously John was the one who did it. name's John. John was the one who did it. So yeah I don't think I don't think it came from an employee. Actually somebody outside. Who knows are GONNA be fucking it? Probably W I'm stupid. Rumor Bullshits A. He said she said we don't even know the person's name but I do feel I do genuinely feel A. Wwe giving them an option. We're not seeing a lot of these guys for a reason. I duNNo via if they're stuck at home or they don't want to go I feel like. Wwe really isn't making that push to force these guys to come to work. I don't know if you've noticed that we're seeing a lot of young talent on-road smackdown hence you're trying to take this opportunity to to rise up the ranks. Have you not seen Apollo crews in the past two weeks he just one he just got the money in the bank match any fighting for the US titled Tonight. Yeah so it's called young saying Oh Shit. This is my chance. He look these. These vets are home. Let me take this spot real quick. They're gonNA opportunities that we didn't get before with this with the talent now even so apollo crews in andrade tree. It was the perfect example of that. Yeah definitely so Yeah like I say I don't see it being somebody within. Wwe I think somewhere outside of spoken around. Wwe profits in the first quarter. Seems like the first quarter News has been announced and Vincent man was in a press conference Cole. I'm going over the prophets end seen. Wwe has a big drop in viewership under two million actually in it seems like Vinci's blaming the young talent saying it takes a while to get these young guys over. We don't have brought lesson or anymore. So what do you expect What do you? What's to blame here for these viewership drops? Because everyone's home. What's the excuse here? bad fucking viewing like bad fucking shows bad. I think they're doing the best they could. But I'm talking about bad call on running these shows when all that. You shouldn't have done it. You should just put a break. But Yeah you could even if you're GONNA do tape a few shows and but you know do some promotion for the network. Because you're losing money on the network. The network is losing money subscribers. They're definitely a less less a decrease in in subscriptions here But the one thing I can tell you there's a service out there that mean red do and other people do that you could. You could watch the show without the network. I'm not going to tell you what it is. You can figure it out on your own. Yup by the way quick. Shot up to one thing You know what I'll talk about. What was interesting this week to week? Shout to shout out but There's a let's just say there's There's definitely a different kind of way to wash that stuff. If you don't WanNa pay tonight ninety nine so even so just throw a royal rumble. Law Or wrestlemainia. Dan Let people looking and it'll probably bring bring people back to wrestling. It is not always have to. Because they're not penalize them the networks are not gonNA penalize them if they're not running live shows so you might as well just throw up some old shit through a you know we could say that about wwe but we have to throw aws mixed now too because they're doing live again in two weeks as much as we could shit on wwe for making that decision and it looks like e. W I don't know it's perfect. Timing or it's they're trying to keep a buck as well. It seems like You know they're both doing the rat. Throw all double or nothing or all. They're doing double or nothing with no audience. They're going to they can't do like. W. W. B. has years of archive stuff that they could throw up the W W from new at all so You know a goose is sorting May I? It seemed like NBA training camps are going to be starting to open up again. It looks like slowly but surely we're getting back to normal life. It's going to take a few more weeks. I think even a month but it's a good sign in the sports direction that these sports These training facilities start opening up Maybe we could start seeing. All I know is that we're getting there. We're getting nearly suggested I. It's it's it's a marathon not a race all right auction. Haven't I meant to say it's it's a marathon not a sprint? Listen I don't know left the left and right is sort of like I like the best You can have someone better than me because it enabled fuck it up like I do. also We have some insane. News coming out. OUR FRIEND. Isaac Rodriguez is actually playing to fund the return of Wrestling Society. X is expand talking to the original producer of the TV series and On twitter. Read your thoughts on bring back society wrestling society x and this is legit. I'm looking at the date. I was like fuck in April. I what is what is no no boy. The owner of wrestling society x actually hit back. Isaac said Yo- If you have the you've got the ring got the people were in the funds. We're GONNA make this happen. His name's Kevin Kline Rock. Oh Okay so you know I guess we decided exits back are we gonna see the Piranha Magic back to see the explosion matches? What are we doing here society? Remember that Jesus Christ. Yeah the the explosions. This is what you call it a passion project because I know I know is it is a big fan of society EXO or is this a change. The change of the rest of society. A one Bo were society. Why I WANNA see how this plays out. As extreme end true. This could be interesting.

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