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So that doesn't matter so Lynette co-directed with me. I did the of the script I cost a lot of mates because the few people that were spared together, I got so everybody is a woman of color, but composer, the musician for fight director, the voice coach the stage management costume designer the lighting designer the costume supervisor everybody even. One of my aunts made one of the costumes so Bolingbrook costumes made by my auntie. So props to anti-death in gospel oak. I was going to say I love the costumes as you said different women's women color, and sometimes people think women of colleges think black women for some reason. So actually there were lots Brown men. They're women he can tell you know, different kind of Heritage's and the love how the outfits represent that. And they're so beautiful. Yep. So so the proposition is women of color why women of color because I wanted women of the empire in the play. There are no aboriginal women from Australia on you see land of which is a failing on my part, actually, but apart from that. I think we've covered all the continents where empire laid it's big greasy hand from China to Iraq to Iran to Israel Palestine to garner to Uganda to Guyana Barbados Trinidad mean, Pakistan. India say already. So we covered Jamaica covered territory because I wanted to say people say that we have no right to claim the flag of Saint George, but somebody came from this island to where our ancestors were and something happened and we've ended up here. And so as you will have seen from the set all the you know, if you went to Buckingham Palace you'd see Lord blundering of who to her on the ball..

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