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And I laugh, I say, you you shouldn't know who I am. I'm like, I'm not someone you should know. And then he looked one of them looks on. My challenge goes oh, fuck hundred fifty thousand subscribers Vang, do do you stream a lot? I'm like laughing because that's the second time. That's happened. We were someone like searches my streaming channel. And I choke like a. Some kids like decimals maintain and I'm like, and then he's like. Whoa. You're waiting to flex that show. I was just like this is what brother that's why. That's actually my second channel. You just got subscriber flags, and you know, the the kids like, wow, do like you're really this. And that it I Don I guess to me I feel that when I joined a game it should feel that like, I'm just like regular do like you. But like what you're saying is like to some of these people that really like what we do. It's much different thing is fucking crazy. I mean, I was fucking fan growing a little bit like when I played that do Brett Phillips. Oh, yeah. Like fuck. It is in like he's plays major league baseball. Yeah. He just DMZ. Yo do you want to do is partner? I heard you're good. You're like me. Yeah. I know that shit so cool when does that ever happened before never never then Kyle talker from the Astros? He just invited him that was that was like a weird flex. Here's like he just joins by the way is funny as fuck right, Bret. Yes, Brad, yet hilarious laugh is so fun. Ios out of revels. He so replaying four nine whatever just in the middle of he's like, yeah. You want squad with some boys. I'm like, yeah. He's like I for sure hold up. He's like Kay tuck. He's like you. You know, Kyle. I'm like, no, he's like oh place for the Astros like, and then I just like glance over my chat and see like call Tucker like Stroh stroz like just won the World Series stroz. You. You. And I started like freaking out. I'm like, these are like major fucking athletes. So, you know, I love playing games with the people who bullied me. Yeah. Oh, exactly. Yeah. No other game. Sorry long tangent. Yeah. Super like fart night, though. Fortnight the right. Yeah. Wayne, the whole time and say that more like far night more like cuck night. Like fuck night. Love getting on there with my buddies and Rippin ass. Yeah. But you know, Ford is is just a game. Just a game yet. Just as lung in that time. It was funny. We have no ads this episode. But that was just a giant ad that four Norton. Yeah. Pretty much. Yeah. So I'm not saying I'm not saying pay us for night. But you know, there's a check in the mail. I won't be met. Oh, you know. It's funny is they were going to pay you. Oh, yeah. They weren't. Maybe I could talk about that. Now, probably not probably not probably not, basically. Oh, wait. We're gonna do a little little sponsor video for them. But that was the first fortnight happening. Yeah. Because of some other shit some other videos people were doing for four night. Yeah. That ruined the landscape for YouTubers being sponsored by four nine funny. Funny enough, funnily enough, so you know. I had a. Someone's I talked about this before doesn't matter. Look young around thought about had the other day was drug dogs. Yeah. Yah drug dogs my school, you now know they came through like once a quarter. I'm curious to know, honestly, anyone coming on YouTube or patriot on Karsono how common that is. Is that just like a metal detector? So Cal thing we didn't have metal detect- on. We we we have sheriff on campus and the public tool. Yeah. Okay. Brought the dogs like super often. And I remember like else who got me thinking about this shit was how people would freak out about the amount of weed. They had on them. But I I laugh now because the most kids ever had on was like a dub, you know, maybe and I'm still gonna myself like, that's that's effectively Advil twenty dollars. It's not it's not as little we'd it's probably so funny for a cop to is. It's like that fucking image of that cop doesn't pass it on Facebook where you likes it is so good you like he busted someone with a joint and like a fucking like a Mason jar with a little nugget dime bag of weed..

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