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Local kids fake 34 right now at kobo aaa traffic update with marina rockinger in federal way northbound i 5 at to 72nd that's exa number one forty seven a left lane is blocked with a crash so as things were starting to improve in federal way or in a c a slight backup there there's a crash on the shoulder in tacoma north and i 5 at 72nd so you'll see a bit of a backup making our approach there northbound 405 still really struggling through renton up to newcastle northbound 167 affected by the backup on 405 so that slow from 41st westbound i90 that's a tough one out of isikoff from the front straight to the west like some ambush parkway slow across mercer island westbound out to the water westbound 520 that'll be slow as well from 84th across the water eastbound is really struggling from i5 through mountlake and eastbound i is tough through the mount maker tunnel southbound i5 solid from lynnwood still through shoreline and into seattle southbound 405 struggles from the alderwood interchange three taught him like next look at traffic at 344 marina rockinger komo news and a look at the more cast here's meteorologist shannon o'donnell weather relatives over the next couple of days we'll go from the at the peak today lots of warm summary you sunshine here in late september high 70s too low to mid '80s warminster the cascade foothills where will likely set some record highs all the way back down into the '60s tomorrow will drop fifteen to twenty degrees is cool air plunges in and plummets are mercury readings we'll see increasing clouds and increasing chance for showers already on friday and will end the month on saturday with more of the same as snow level down to five thousand feet to kick off the weekend in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell sunny sky right now it's fifty seven in downtown seattle komo news time eight thirty six getting new information about that shooting earlier.

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