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Part of the funnel you need to fix. This is really where technology can come in really helpful making sure that you're able to track these metrics all the way through the funnel and that you have agreement on what it actually means especially marketers are really good at making. The numbers look really good for themselves. Sales people are as well. That's the job isn't it. That's the job right but we're all in this together. We're all trying to achieve the same output. I don't want to lean on saying hey you. Needless massive tech stack in this great reporting databa- or the st dashboard that shows you this awesome pipeline and funnel. You can say well clearly. Everybody is getting stuck at the demo stage because we have a five percent conversion rate and look it all his opportunity ahead of it. It could just be a spreadsheet where you're tracking like. I said from the top of the funnel all the way down knowing that your revenue number on the outside is what you're really looking for what we tend to do on an annual basis with our clients and sometimes back into on a semiannual we check in twice is. What are your revenue goals. What's your average lifetime value for the customer and work backwards so that we know. If you're wanna hit this is of how many customers we need which means we need to have this type of ask you all the customer conversion rate and we can work backwards through all of that and if we're not hitting those numbers throughout that entire funnel we already have benchmarked and sat. That's how you identify where the problem is. If you have a five percent s q all the customer win rate and you have totally making numbers up right now. Because i don't have calculator in front of me and the ten percent and sql conversion rate and you've got work all the way back through it you have a spot in the dark to start looking otherwise you're just going into the corridor and saying well we got this many leads and we got this much opportunity but is it going to actually hit the quota that we sat for the business reporter at the end of the day people reached people that are being nurtured people that have score. That's high enough to be considered an mql getting them to be a sales accepted lead and understanding what their conversion rate understanding what those conversion rates are at each step the funnels going to be different for each business. And honestly that's where having experienced and some agency or some outside resource to help you understand how to to benchmark your business and where to focus can be really valuable. Yeah and there's a lot of third party. Data sources to that organizations can look too. But i always say just download a calculator even and work yourself back most salespeople. Most owners have a revenue target in mind. They now what they get on average from a new customer work backwards. And you'll at least have your own personalized bench mart. Okay great advice and that wraps up this episode of the mar tech podcast thanks to ryan rude founder and ceo of lake one for joining us in part two of our interview. Which we're going to publish tomorrow. Ryan is gonna talk to us about how to build a sales and marketing alignment roadmap if you can't wait until our next episode and you'd like to learn more from ryan you can click on the link to his linked in profile in our show notes. You can contact him on. Twitter handle is lake. one co l. A. t. e. e. c. o. Where you could visit his company's website which is lake one digital dot com especial. Thanks to hub spot for sponsoring this podcast. 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