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Well I guess I would have to go for an effort to reverse a trend that has been taking place in this country since the nineteen seventies which is to To discredit the authority of government and to argue that the private market can solve most problems. I think we need to rebuild confidence in government because I think of a crisis at the scale of what we're dealing with today both medical and economic with wires the national government and then other problems we face like climate change require national action if not international action so my choice would be that we go for the big one and really try to get people to recognize that the private market does not solve all problems. Can we experiment? Do we have the kind of government? Today that can experiment. The way that they did in the in the earliest years of the new deal will one thing that would have to happen. If we got a president who was of the mindset to experiment he. It looks like it's going to be A. He would have to have a congress that supported him. Roosevelt had that until the late nineteen thirties where he met more obstacles when. Republicans did better and thirty eight after that Roosevelt recession. So go president alone. Can't do everything they that president a supportive. Congress and Roosevelt got what he wanted. And so it really does take the Congress and the executive branch working together to To really re-instill that confidence and of course have to remind ourselves that it was the Second World War that fully pulled the United States out of that deep recession of the Great Depression. Jack we've got about a minute left last night goes to you today. Well an FDR goal. I think that is still a newly and even profoundly. Relevant is what he said to a Francis Perkins is Secretary Labor. He said we are going to make a country in which no one is left out. Well THAT IS A. That's a noble sentiment and I think it's something that That everybody feels needs to happen to speak to what coal were saying. How many people have felt left out? Many trump trump voters felt left out of the national feast the Urban Feast. How many minorities a left out? That's a big job and it's a it's a worthy goal for any president and that insecurity security is after I said against the hazards and vicissitudes of life. Boy We know about those. Today we'll Jack Beatty on point news analyst speaking with us as always from Hanover. New Hampshire. Jack thank you so very much. Thank you and Elizabeth Cohen Professor of American Studies at Harvard University. Her article in recent issue of the Atlantic is headlined the lessons of the Great Depression. We have a link to that on point radio DOT. Org Professor Cohen is also an award author of several books. Most recently saving America's cities Professor Cohen has been a great pleasure. To speak with you would to learn from you. Thank you so very much. Thank you enjoyed it. I'm Chuck Roberta. This is on point.

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