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What you don't hear about that story is the federal government official who did not secure as gone had he secured his gun that would have never happened there's a lot of these things at play out it was a tragedy and you know there are a lot of tragedies but again to take that into i mean look the republicans worry about undocumented people becoming documented and voting for democrats that's all they care about they don't care about you and your family it's if they really cared about those things they'd be backing single payer health insurance for families that are struggling to decide between medicine and food for their kids i mean that's really cared about you they would they would focus more on the things that affect your life infrastructure lower again lowering the burden on you from from having to to to watch your politicians like a hawk because they're stealing from you or they're committing again they're committing acts against your family and your community libby shafts stood up and said look i'm not going to let them come in here and break up families and president trump called her a traitor said she should be arrested we add a line and the republicans have all said the same thing me shaft stood up to the people who elected her doesn't happen a lot anymore is that that was i'm sure she sat down with her family and her her confidants and said you know should i do this and i'm sure they all all the people to care to veterans surely said no don't don't make the statement right but she's she's tough she's tougher than ninety nine percent of the men i know and women and you know got you know i i'd love to see her run for higher office and to continue her assent and remember we had i'm trying to think of you can freak me out more than seeing giuliani in drag putting his face in juliane giuliani's fake breasts i know i if you don't know what we're talking about a tweet that how can you thank you so this preschool is discouraging children from saying best friend i want to get to the heart of that story but first i want to remind you.

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