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The calendar want to retire someday you'll want a my social security account to help you get ready get yours at social security dot gov it's time to check traffic at eleven twenty four here in Jordan I imagine we still got some issues we do have some issues but in the last ten minutes or so we have made some major improvements to this morning's problems north and I five eight four five in cell center that's been re opened at the H. O. V. lane though you're still looking slow from a hundred and eighty eight for now in maple valley both directions the state route one six nine have reopened north of cedar Grove after an earlier small landslide also incarnation both directions of two of three have been re opened it they wrote and that's after an early morning landslide there now we do still have wet roads the standing water blocking our northbound I. five off ramp to eastbound thirty eight then to coma also still blocked is going to be our ramp from northbound one six seven two two twelfths up still seeing back up sync crowding in those areas and we do have some busy drives right now I south on I five is looking slow if you're coming out of Lynn what and then you're going to be bunching up from a hundred and forty fifth much to the way to the convention center north and I five with a heavy drive for the Michigan curve toward five twenty am seeing crowding out west bound five twenty as you're approaching Montlake southbound four five still slow downs and Bob Dole plus an additional crowding approaching eighty fifth and then it's scattered flowing between cold creek in northeast park in the north bound for five there remains a busy drive from the valley freeway to about northeast forty four if this traffic report sponsored by dental goodbye windows seven hello windows ten the Dells holiday sale helps you save big on the latest business computers with Intel core processors plus get free shipping call eight seven seven by dell our next come much traffic at eleven thirty four the rain continues it'll be going on through tomorrow even into Sunday but starts to taper off Sunday though as a dry weather by the time you have got near us shopping done over the weekend.

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