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On ESPN dot com to hold this little Casaus moment. I hear what you're off the site. Wrong. This does that mean is wrong. I mean, I'm a little looser cut to the first time. Moving on big NFL news with cheese fans rejoicing with the news, I defensive coordinator Bob site, and has been relieved of his duties celebrated. She's decision with most people saying should have had a long time ago. Adam Schefter, Florida Rex Ryan name out. There's a possible replacement Ron has been approached about other positions in the past few seasons. But do you guys the wrecks would fix all the problems? Do I think Rex will fix all the TS? I think it'll be an upgrade over Bob. Sudden I think I would be upgrade over Bob said. Yeah, man, we went through this and all of them yesterday. And I want to get somebody fire, but it. Palmar made the call. Abra? Thank you. I'm wrong with this. I in pass rushing and sacks. And in thirty person defense like I've never been on the team where I've seen that actually worked together so gay Bob sudden, you're Skien old antiquated. Gotta go because they couldn't tackle to be. When defense came tackle. That's the mentality. The US still instilling your whole entire that's coming from the top. That's a deep. It's a coordinator. They ain't tackling. Nobody and I had argued with Brian Cox about this healing. Oh played for Bob said. And I know I say let me tell you something you get older time to go. Like the game has changed. Your philosophy might be different your attitude might be different towards a game. And this time has passed. I don't care. How great it wasn't in the past. He's just not good. Bob. Sudden is not dick lebeau. Let's. What I'm saying? I'm making your points like dick lables, a special case old, correct? They can still get it done. This old do the needs to go. All right..

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