Rod Rosenstein, Prosecutor, President Trump discussed on Skullduggery



Report to rod rosenstein the the rigs are silent and with that report is ever made public that committee's main role should be to make sure that as much of that information as possible as declassified and made public again when i'm struck by right is we don't know what we don't know and that is both frustrating but also it's important caveat right to to all the listeners like we can analyze what we see but that really is a fragment both of the information that all these not just the committees but the prosecutor dealing with it's very hard to go into legal analysis mood which happens frankly every day on tv you know how many times have you seen or even participated in well based on what we know now what is the answer is we don't know i do agree that ultimately it's going to be these are parallel investigations and somehow laws of geometry notwithstanding they will intersect at some point in the future whether it's putting out the report or holding subsequent hearings based on what what becomes public as a result of court cases or legal important that it has to become in a big big way i mean there's a clear there many people who hope to use this affair to remove the president from office that's as big as you can get this has got to become public at the end of the lewinsky matter ken starr publish this report and then he dumped everything to congress i read it.

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