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In Virginia Beach, Virginia opened fire in a municipal building killing a dozen people before police killed him. He'd worked for the public utilities department of new most victims, Jim Krasula, Virginia Beach city manager. Dave Hansen says those shot and killed in a municipal building, will quote leave avoid that we will never be able to fill all, but one of the twelve victims were employees of the city of Virginia. I worked with most of them for many the twelfth victim was a contractor trying to get a permit police have identified the gunman as forty year old Dwayne critic of military veteran who worked for the city of Virginia Beach is engineer for fifteen years. He was shot and killed by officers. Jim, Chris, this was the worst mass shooting in the United States since November, when doesn't people were killed in Los Angeles area bar and grill by gun. Who then killed himself the water still rising in parts of midwest. After weeks of heavy rain Dillon Cooper with the national weather service says the Arkansas river is already a record deaf anticipating the water to keep going up for most of various here in central and south eastern. Arkansas, the crash should make their way down the rivers. We go through the rest of this weekend into next week officials knocking on doors in north Little Rock, Arkansas neighborhood. And telling residents they should probably leave for higher ground because of the threat of flooding in Iowa barrier failed, flooding several blocks of downtown Burlington. Mexico's president is hitting. He might be willing to make some concessions devoid. The terrorist President Trump wants to impose on his country for not stopping the flow of migrants to the US. Neil Bradley's executive vice president of the US chamber of commerce says yet another trade war would make things more expensive for American consumers. Everything from avocados.

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