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Say. We. Say. Our say that very very but forgetful and I did it a national television I don't understand. I. Don't understand why he's endeavor did go to Michigan. I mean your heart there. You're right there. You're clear a better opportunity for me at Notre Dame. On a second, just just recharge. This battery is it's because Bo was at bowl or is it Gary Moeller? Motion Back I. I. Let me just tell you for the record on the record. What happened. Okay. So Did he hang up instead of telling the story. Again your you're. Yeah. He went to see a running back named ricky powers. Right. who was number one went back in the in the country. In Ohio, and that sent shock waves, I was a fool back. I was number one four back in the country but it told me the where the where the importance was because the tailback at Michigan is more important than the fullback position. and. They were selling me on the fact that, hey, we'll play you like Leroy Hoard fullback tailback. But. I knew once they once they signed the number one tailback in the country I knew that my opportunities would be limited. In terms of running the football whereas in Notre Dame, Lou Holtz offense was based around the fullback boom at random footba all the screen passes went to the fullback and when they went to our receivers fullback stayed in the game and he ran the ball out of a one back set. So it was a perfect scenario for me to go to Notre Dame, because they actually utilize the full bag much more than they did at Michigan, but but I was. Wanted me to play linebacker. Okay. That was the first reason. Jeremy Back. You know what I hear Jerome. Instead of instead of a tale of woe, you know what? I hear I hear that there's a me in jerome and an I and. That's what I hear. You can't spell better without an I and you can't spell jerome without me. That's what I. Know. What. I want. I was only five. To be five. into been, you know just a six foot I. would be undersized At linebacker and I was right it it it it paid off for me. So I made the right call had I went to Michigan it would not have been the success. I believe that would have. Come to me at Notre Dame at least at least you still have great Michigan ties and Detroit routes to get the Ford Motor Company Fund involved in the Jerome Bettis bus ops here foundation launch of the Second Session of checking everyone. Go again to event bright, which is event B. R. I T. E. DOT COM and search for Jerome Bettis, which again is spelled with an I and Beddis.

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