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Yeah chris says if the rope break didn't happen in the nineteen ninety tag match between the rockers and the hart foundation and the rockers remain tag champions would britain. jim have gotten booked a singles. Could we amac's they seem brett win the intercontinental title at wrestlemania seven. That's interesting if the rockers do wind up keeping the belt because the rope break thing doesn't happen does that change the trajectory of Bret hart single competitor. Sure as hell could have because you know one of the things that we were looking at it was split up the hart foundation and go Singles with them at a martin says whether any discussions in to about trickling hall. Nash and hogan back into the wb individually or hall and nash as a tag team but not the in w or was the idea. Always just the in wwl it had many incarnations so you know there was there was talk of only bringing hogan back there was talk of a bolivian hall and nash. Back you know one end or the other so it was a lot of different incarnations. i think the vince wanted bring all three of them. Back in the felt that the three of them as the n. w was the strongest Captain chris says it's well known that you guys had to pay marvel comics for the use of the hawk name. Did you have to pay lucasfilm's for the use of the vader name. If not why not. Don't we didn't because he already had extremist darth theater. Right you stinky baiter. Okay stinky vader. That's what you're going with. Yeah so it showed me a picture of in someone the other day How's like wow man. 'cause he was all sweaty had his gloves on their on their shoulder of any idea. The putrid smell coming off those gloves. Right now that bore some bitches having to breathe in and out your main hurtful. i'm not meaning to hurtful look look lovely on in leon was great guy. Leonidas was little smelly. His air his gear was gear was very smelly. Chris says brad's ninety three episode. It was mentioned. Brett versus yokozuna steel cage and anaheim drew over fifteen thousand people are closely. Was vince monitoring. How shows and with things like this factor in his decision to put the title brett at wrestlemania. Tim how she every single day. Yeah it's business. You see what your what your businesses every day. How shows were one way to establish in what was working. What wasn't in you attraction there and it didn't draw then you look at the attraction. Look at what else is going on in the market. But yes sir. They're monitored every single day and a lot of times based on what we've read online. It feels as if the data that you guys would use to research something like that like. Who's over you know. Give them a little more this. Give them a little. Less of that is who's on top. Who ak who selling tickets. Who's selling march. And who has the best ratings right. Is that sort of the. I'm not saying now. I mean back in the day man this quarter hour miss these shirts and this guy whatnot this card. We announced him and we got this percentage wise. That's the stuff that tells you the feedback from the audience. People voting with their wallet right. Yeah it's it's when people get out of their home they buy tickets and they load up the car and they take the family down to the arena than they buy merch and they buy a hot and soda a they actually make an effort to come to see your event. Television is a little bit different. If you promote something in advance then you can attribute ratings to that if if people are tuning in just for that you see a bomb but ratings are more of a of a monitoring in you look for trends because how does the television audience. What's coming up next. You can tell them but they have to be. They already have to be engaged for your tell them what's next you can promote if you're promoting ahead week to week and you see big bumps with certain things and you see a trend than than ratings means something but really meant something is people get getting up low nut car coming out buying a ticket and participating live event or pay per view. Joe miller says lot's been said about vincent man throughout the his decades. Long run as owner slash chairman of wb. He's always talked about regularly. Good bad but never in different. Do you think. Vince is aware of the constant chatter about him. Not necessarily these days but back we'll call it the The the boom of the internet you know allowed wrestling fans to get online. And there'd be chat rooms and message boards and all that jazz. Vince feels like a guy that knew knob even joked he sort of unplugged from all that stuff like not just that stuff i just mean like how much does a gallon of milk cost type of stuff. Because he's so far in the bubble he a different life and he he lives wwe. But he's probably not aware. I and my i mean i'm just asking of this constant chad or be. There's no way he could keep up or give a shit right. Vincent busy running a business. Yeah didn't have the you know the time. Oh somebody says something about me. Does it affect business right. Yeah next wasn't the president right Michael wants to know when you hear briscoe pronounce. Vince mcmahon with his over emphasis on the last name. Is that really how he says it or is he just playing it up for the cameras courses how he says from oklahoma. We know we know that the only thing that keeps texas you fall into the gulf. Mexico's oklahoma sucks. Hey speaking of oklahoma sucking. I'm sure you invents have had a lot of conversation in the more recent weeks about about oklahoma second about oklahoma and texas. Joining the sec. Where do you stand on that bruce. Are you excited to see what. Oklahoma and texas do in the sec. Play alabama. yes oh that's bad news for y'all oh really. Yeah how so you think. Texas is gonna beat alabama out. God yes please. Alabama finally some competition. I mean not from the cheaters are you. The the sooners won the cheating. Go middle night steel land. But but the longhorns all of a sudden or god bless texas. I don't give a sheet house going to say. Do you even know the head. Coach of the texans. I mean texas. Now i love you raise. This is real years ago. I'm gonna. I'm gonna say like five years ago. I took Bruce to an alabama game and we had a great time and he would all he would intentionally cheer at the wrong time or in the alabama section of course and anytime alabama gets a first down everybody pulls their shakers out and roll tide and he would wait until it's dead. Silence and haiti a home. Run some random. She was happy because you know they hit a double whatever they did. Then you would start jumping up and down when the referee through flag. And you'd be like that's good right. I mean just random tremendous nick. Sabin is the listening room. Texas right yes you got it. You got it all down. Pat rizzi wants to know. What are the differences between hiring creative teams now versus the attitude era or even back in the late eighties was their shift when the company went public find certain backgrounds or has always been certain things that vince looked for in his creative room. There okay world creative room in the and in the ninety knows pat events and that it was may bits then. Rousseau came in weren't teams until she thousands. But that was just more of looking for people that hadn't aptitude for wanting to work in this Damian rights was test ever considered to be considered for a main event push he was up against the mcmahon helmsley era in late ninety nine beginning two thousand and was the ironman of the rumble in two thousand but he was never a main event guy. I think that we looked at test. You know with high hopes of being a mainly a guy. I think that probably the thing that Her test it some ways in the very beginning was vince russo..

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